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User:aheroemerges (24404)
Name:Manly! Like Exploding Dinosaurs
AOL IM:AIM status kamina glasses (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Name: Joey Age: 21 Gender: Freakin' Male! Origin: Seattle, Washington.

I usually try not to take anything too seriously or personally for that matter. Though I've been told I'm very excitable and I guess entertaining. I'm a pretty big people person and mostly love just kicking back and having fun. Around here I consider myself to be one lucky son of a bitch to be able to chill in the middle of a crowd of super awesome babes. I'm currently staying in North Carolina studying nursing at one of the local universities. Shut your mouths male nurses are tons of manly.

All and all though I just like to have fun. My journal is only semi-friends only because I liked to be able to give people a clear look at who I am and what I'm about before they want to add me. Somethings I just don't mind sharing with everyone! Oh and [info]iam the Kamina of scribbld!


I know I act like a total goofball, but I do take my friendships seriously. I genuinely care about the people that I add and who add me back. I may not always comment but I do read whats going on. I sincerly beleive that if you take the time to friend someone it's because you do want to get to know them and create some sort of frienship connection with them. So don't add me just because you want more people add me because you want to know the me who wants to know you. *bricked* Honestly though you should add me. I'm the best kept secret here on scribbld. *bricked again*

Interests:20: anime, avatar, case closed, dbz, dragonball z, family guy, gurren lagann, himym, indiana jones, kamina, manga, music, one piece, roleplay, rpg, star wars, tengen toppa gurren lagann, writing, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh abridged
People14:aheroemerges, hammerofjustice, heartshapecandy, hylian, juuhachigou, juunanagou, kiokushitaka, kirie, lulubritannia, luvotomy, sehnsucht, strawberrytea, urgent, utena
Communities15:animechorus, awesometacular, bookofrandom, crackttown, deadletters, flamecup, iam, lmaoaim, madeofwin, rants, savinme, scribbld_top5, tentimesbetter, traverse_town, ttooc
Friend of:30: aheroemerges, diaochan, eevee, eimii, hammerofjustice, heartshapecandy, hell_kaiser, hylian, jackspicer, juuhachigou, juunanagou, kirie, kiryuu, lulubritannia, luvotomy, mephiles, opheliac, ruka, sehnsucht, sen, soceolie, soulmix, strawberrytea, urgent, utena, valcion, villetta, wolf, xkeyofdestinyx, zelos
Member of:16: animechorus, awesometacular, bookofrandom, crackttown, deadletters, flamecup, iam, joshua_beam, lmaoaim, madeofwin, rants, savinme, scribbld_top5, tentimesbetter, traverse_town, ttooc
Account type:Early Free User

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