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User:hylian (13318)
Name:Names are for friends... so I don't need one.
AOL IM:AIM status paranoiapig (Add Buddy, Send Message)
My anti-drug                                                          

......oh wait.....

Hello, I'm a piece of shit. You can call me whatever you feel like. Ohhhh, really. I'm not much. Nothing decent, that's for sure. I lack morals. I like to play with little kids.I'm probably older than you, I'm a jerk. I'm not here to pick up chicks, I'm not here for all your bullshit, pree-teen, drama. I'm here to get away from the real world, and read my friend's thoughts. The chances of you liking me are Slim&none; and frankly, I don't care because the internet social doesn't have a huge impact on my life.
Got "little man syndrome". No, that doesn't refer to dick size; I'm short as fuck. You can call me a faggot if you want, it doesn't make it true. But, hey... I'm all over both sides of that fence. I don't have very many people I consider friends anymore, but they know who they are (cough)tran(cough). I'm just your average, heart broken guy, who is sexually attracted to  dolls,  and  cars  and plays  video  games  all  day.

Interests:36: 5.0, anime, animu, batman, being awesome, bunnyz, cobras, comic books, cute chicks, des, desu, drugsarecool, eurotrash, gambit, godsmack, graphics, hide, hydrolisks, manga, mindless self indulgence, movies that don't suck, music, mustangs, piercings, pink-haired girls, rogue, role playing, short people, silent hill, star wars, starcraft, suicide girls, svt, tattoos, x-men, zerg rush
Schools:None listed
People15:ada, adammonroe, aheroemerges, diaochan, dosomethingsexy, eevee, freezing_moon, hanabi, hylian, kiokushitaka, luvotomy, soceolie, soulmix, windsor, zombeh
Communities3:animeaddme, churchofchuck, esmyd
Friend of:10: adammonroe, aheroemerges, diaochan, eevee, freezing_moon, hanabi, hylian, luvotomy, soceolie, soulmix
Member of:3: animeaddme, churchofchuck, esmyd
Account type:Early Adopter

(more details...)

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