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Name: Michael
Age: 21
AIM: paranoia pig
I'm just a grumpy old man, with very few admirable qualities. I don't care about much: a select few, money, and muscle cars. Everything I touch dies. I play a lot of video games, I enjoy rockabillies, I like to drive fast,I'm a violent drunk & a pervert, i play with guns, and I  want  to fuck Mila  Jovavich.

I go by alot of different names. Cable, L, Aiji, Semekun, Bytheway, Knines, Whatchamacallit, Nathan, Andrew Compton, anything will do, really.

BANDS: [In no particular order ]Godsmack. Janne Da Arc. Pierrot. Radiohead. The Reatards. Tool. A Perfect Circle. Deadman. Mindless Self Indulgence. Leftover Crack. Orgy. Choking Victim. Morning Glory. Puscifer. The Smashing Pumpkins. Bush. The Pagans. Against Me!. Blue Oyster Cult. Silverchair. Alice in Chains. Psychonaut. NIN. Kagrra. Kagerou. X-Japan.Pink Floyd. Madeth Gray`ll. Phobia. An Cafe. D'espairs Ray. Bright Eyes. Placebo. The Blood Brothers. HORSE the band.
SOLO: hide. The Reverend Horton Heat. Hyde. David fuckin` Bowie. Gackt. Brotha Lynch. DJ Tiesto. Ayumi Hamasaki. DJ Irene. Tech N9ne. Fiona Apple. Kirito.
MANGA: MPD Psycho. Blame!. Deathnote. Angel Sanctuary. Lovless. Yami No Matsuei. Nana. Naruto. KKJ. Jigoku Shoujo. Ranma 1/2. Shounen Zanzou. Bleach. AirGear. Count Cain/God Child. The Demon Ororon. Kaine. MARS. Gokinjo Monogatari. Hagane no Renkinjutsushi..
ANIME: Gilgamesh. FLCL. Paranoia Agent. Jigoku Shoujo. Boogiepop Phantom. Serial Experiments Lain. Samurai Champloo. Hellsing. Berzerk. Cowboy Bebop. Texhnolyze. Monster. Sukisyo. Outlaw Star. Haibane Renmei.
BOOKS: A Clockwork Orange. Narcotics Anonymous. Exquisite Corpse. Wounds.
GAMES: Shin Megami Tensei(all of them). Silent Hill. Starcraft. Marvel Vs. Capcom. Hitman series. Ku-On. Dead Space. Makai Kingdom. Star wars:Battlefront. Katamari. Fatal Frame. Universe at War. Phantom Brave. Star Ocean:TTEOF. Legends of Mana. Final Fantasy Tactics. Forbidden Siren. Chrono Trigger/Cross. Pokeemans (any, though Diamond is my favorite. :3) And Bujingai cause you can totally thrust around as Gackt. x3
MOVIES: Jacob`s Ladder. Forbidden Zone. RHPS. A Clockwork Orange (Even thought the movie sucked compared to the book, seeing an old woman be beat to death with a ceramic Penis is PRICELESS) 'El Labirinto del Fauno. 28 Days Later. Smokin' Aces. The Departed.

These things are important to me.

UKECHAN :: brb, getting fucked over a table while snorting coke. Okay, and I am back to tell you, this kid cums black fluid. :X Now that I'm done with the bad inside jokes, I can move on and say..uhm. You made me an even bigger pedo that I was before, so fuck you... SHOT THROUGH THE HEART. Okay, I swear I'm done with that now, I'm about to piss my pants, thouh. ho boy. There really isn't anyone cooler than you.. well, besides me, that is.
DES Well, fuck, you're a little bitch. But, it's alright because I love your stupid fucking cunt ass anyway. God, fuck off.. ahhh, I'm sorry, ily, get my dick suck ? D:
MY CAR :: Oh, girl.. I would fuck you. I swear... if it were physically possible, I might try. You're so sexy. WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP TRYING TO KILL ME ? :[
MIKE :: He's my beaner. Wearing his clothes gets me poon. That about sums up his worth. Wellll, I guess he's my best friend or something. :o

Created in: Corel Paint Shop Pro X
Edited in: EditPad pro
Features: 47 from the Hitman series.
Lyrics: Snagged from Puscifer songs

Yeah. I'm not quite sure about it. This was just the result of me being upset and trying to keep myslef occupied. 47's a fucking badass, though. The text on the left side looked boring when it was stright, so I rotated it a slight amount, but now it's driving me crazy, haha. XD Hey, I'm almost wondering if the whole thing would look better without the image on the right at all... But, I didn't feel like re-doing everything. I can't directly dredit the images that aren't from the game. because they either came from google images or deviantart a while back; But, I can say they're not mine.

Sunday, October 25th, 2020 10:42am


.You fondle my trigger, then you blame my gun.

I'm not that fucking hard to get along with.

anyhow. If you add mee.... Just be warned.
1. I speak my mind.. no matter how gross it is
2. Right now life is tough, I might bitch alot. :D
3. If you've fucked with my friends... go to hell.
4. I pretty much don't care who you are or were, I'm very accepting, and I'm not just friends with people who are exactally like me. In general, most my friends have been nothing like me.
5. I fucking hate drama queens. Go kill yourself already, if you think your life is so damn awful.
A: "So I went to the mall today and bought porn"
B: "Hella"
HOW DOES THAT RESPONSE MAKE SENSE ? SHIIIIT, fucking get cancer and die in a fire.

I dunno, shit I'm tired.. I'll fix this later. T_T

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Saturday, September 18th, 2010 1:37am




I sucked my own ......fffffffffffffffff

Yeah, no, I'm not dead.
Not exactly.


Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 9:05pm
I PISSED in the bathwater

What is with people's constant need to slash EVERYTHING.

newsfash, kiddos. Knuckles and Shadow...there was never even a hint of it. NOR IS IT EVEN APPEALING.

The one that is really getting on my nerves is Ellis/Nick. Sorry, but uhh yeah. I'm pretty sure Mr.Redneck ain't lookin for no piece of Mr.Suit Jacket.
IN THE MIDDLE OF A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, I MIGHT FUCKING ADD. I'm sure buttsex is the last thing on either of their minds. Even if they WERE gay. And into doing strangers.

I'm  pretty sure the bottles dosage is overdosing it tho...I've taken this nasty shit..maybe three or four times and it is more than half empty. I just don't feel I should have to swallow three times for one dose...I think ONE is normal. And it makes me spacey as shit.
Which is kind of fun. But also kind of frightening.
GOD THAT STUFF IS AWFUL. I need a koolaid and pringle chaser everytime I fucking take it.

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Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 9:56am

I don't know what the fuck I'm doing anymore. I'm so miserable. T_T

But, I try to find little things to cheer myself up.
I bought the new can stfu.

I'm fucking sick. I had to call out for both jobs today...I have a fever, I'm out of it, i d e f know w t f  I'm saying.

Wait I never update ? What's new ?
Uh. That promotion, I didn't get it, because they apparently had a problem with my attitude... that I must have had because OH I DON'T KNOW...THEY CUT MY HOURS TO 8 A WEEK. So they gave it to someone who has literally NO experience. Only ever worked the other end of the spectrum. But Joe told me "I want you to know, I had no choice in the matter. Pam would NOT let me give you the position" She starts next week, apparently and I am going to laugh when our UPH suffers. :) I really don't care anymore, tho~
I got a second job.
First job tells me second job is conflict of interest. But they haven't gotten back to me if I need to quit since I'm kind of "behind the scenes" at the first I am keeping both until then.
I'm starving. :| I have lost a good twenty pounds.
Got my own net nao.
Got new phone/plan.

Also, hey wtf. I'm lonely...ain't got no friends. HAVE MY AIM:
neogrotesque god.

*runs off to down more medicine that taste like windex and possibly play some l4d2*

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Monday, March 15th, 2010 7:24am

Dear sinuses....if green means infected.... what does orange mean ?

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Sunday, January 10th, 2010 1:40am



Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 3:14pm

so like....where is everyone ? >_>
Livejournal ??

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 1:35pm

Yeah, k. Not dead.

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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 10:48pm

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Yeah. It's [info]hanabi.

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Sunday, May 17th, 2009 8:10pm

woah........i am so confused right now. >_> how do I suddenly have new friends that I never added ?????
lol, how the fuck did two names suddenly change at once ? XD you guys are oonfusing me !!

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