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User:windsor (12676)
Name:WELCOME TO; the last day on earth
Location:United States


Call me Ashe, it's what my friends call me. 27 years young. Stubborn and hazzardous to your health. Impatient and literal. Practical and active. Loves to laugh. Emotional where the heart is concerned. Has trouble opening to others, but is working on it. Positive against adversity. Likes to cook, paint, write, and read. Feels the most free behind a camera or whilst writing. Likes American comics the works of C.S. Forrester, and American movies. Dislikes drama queens, too much fast food, and most weeaboo. Allergic to pineapple and believes cheese makes everything taste better; even other cheeses.


Links coming here.

♪I'm playin' a LOVEGAME with Josh Groban

☆I shared a paopu fruit with mahasen

Copyrights given to Doctor Strange, Marvel Comics, Brusheezy.com, DAfont.com, and Marilyn Manson. No infringement intended to any party.

People8:curiousvenus, kiokushitaka, kirie, mahasen, roziel, urgent, utena, windsor
Communities5:grayle_manor, lovesaidwinter, oral_anarchy, thickandthin, vicodingraphics
Mutual Friends:8: curiousvenus, kiokushitaka, kirie, mahasen, roziel, urgent, utena, windsor
Also Friend of:14: adammonroe, confining, destructive, diaochan, drella, ghostteyes, hammerofjustice, hanabi, hylian, rei, shinimegami, skwigelf, toki__wartooth, whistlerr
Member of:12: bandcafe, fromtheashes, grayle_manor, hyakkiyako, iam, lmaoaim, lovesaidwinter, oral_anarchy, quote_me_on_it, thickandthin, vicodingraphics, videovariations
Account type:Special Early Donator Account

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