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User:mahasen (12757)
Name:Mahasen ♦ Girlshapedlovedrug
AOL IM:AIM status invadur maha (Add Buddy, Send Message)

The name is MAHA. I'm a pretty private person so don't expect too much in-depth description from this short biography. I rarely update, because when I do I like it to be something of substance. I like drawing and working with graphics in my free time. I'm a bit of a movie connoisseur, and I've got a feminine hard-on for the Australian sex known as Hugh Jackman. I hate drama queens and close-minded people, so if you are either, gtfo, srsly. I'm also perceived as a bitch. As you can see, that perception really bothers me. If you want to know if it's true or not, I guess you'll just have to add me to find out.

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”
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[info]iam the Noah Bennet and Susan Storm Richards/Invisible Woman of Scribbld.

Interests:76: 30 seconds to mars, afi, afterlife, anime, batman, bermuda, blood and wine, caelan grayle, charlie hunnam, cheesecake, cillian murphy, davey havok, david lestrange, death, edward norton, elle bishop, emily blunt, emma frost, ethane morgant, europe, family guy, foreign languages, futurama, grey's anatomy, harley quinn, heroes, history, hugh jackman, ice cream, imogen heap, ioan gruffudd, iron man, james marsden, japan, jared leto, katey sagal, kristen bell, laura kinney, life, manga, mark hunter, marvel, movies, music, musicals, naomi watts, nicholas winchester, noah bennet, nori ashida, olivia wilde, onerepublic, poison ivy, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, rachel mcadams, rachel weisz, reed richards, robert downey jr., role-playing, ron perlman, ryan reynolds, scrubs, sherlock holmes, sleeping, sons of anarchy, susan storm, the fray, the tudors, three days grace, tony stark, travel, world of warcraft, x-men, xxxholic, yūko ichihara, zatanna zatara
Schools:None listed
People19:demonology, destructive, hammerofjustice, hanabi, invisiblewoman, jerusalem, juunanagou, kiokushitaka, lovely_rayne, lovemedead, lunareuphoria, mahasen, midboss, mrfantastic, sehnsucht, skwigelf, urgent, voltaire, windsor
Communities10:fandomtracks, grayle_manor, honorcup, hyakkiyako, quote_me_on_it, savinme, screencaps, scribbld_top5, vicodingraphics, wowcraft
Friend of:18: demonology, destructive, hammerofjustice, hanabi, jerusalem, juunanagou, kiokushitaka, lovely_rayne, lovemedead, lunareuphoria, mahasen, midboss, mrfantastic, sehnsucht, skwigelf, urgent, voltaire, windsor
Member of:17: 10variations, baked, deadletters, fandomtracks, grayle_manor, honorcup, hyakkiyako, iam, madeofwin, ost_challenge, quote_me_on_it, rants, savinme, screencaps, scribbld_top5, vicodingraphics, wowcraft
Account type:Special Early Donator Account

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