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Community Information

Below is information about the "10 VARIATIONS; an icon challenge community" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:10variations (16139)
Name:10 VARIATIONS; an icon challenge community
Theme:One Image » Ten Challenges » MEMBERS ONLY
ten variations.
·Icons· 1. In the first icon you have to use the image unresized.

2. In the second icon you have to rotate the image.
3. In the third icon you have to desaturated the image (unless it's already black & white).
4. In the fourth icon you have to mirror the image either horizontally or vertically.
5. In the fifth icon you have to use the image at least twice noticeably.
6. In the sixth icon you have to alter the color of the image (black&white images have to be colored in, color images may be desaturated).
7. In the seventh icon you have to be able to see the whole image.
8. In the eighth icon you have to use at least one texture or stock image.
9. In the ninth icon you have to use only the image (use no text, brushes, gradients or other images). Adjustment layers and layer effects are allowed.
10. In the tenth icon you have to make it anti-100x100, meaning either one or both sides of the icon cannot equal 100 pixels (examples include 100x80, 70x100, and 40x90).
11. And as a rule of thumb, please make the alterations in each of your ten icons visibly noticeable. Any entries that fail to follow this rule shall be deleted.
RULES CLARIFICATION: You are allowed to add whichever brushes and/or textures you want to each of your icons in your set as long as each individual variation can be visible. For example, you can have as many textures as you want for the seventh icon in your set provided you still show the entire image

·Image· If any images are deemed offensive by either of the co-maintainers, its post will be deleted. Further offenses could lead up to becoming banned from this community.
2. The image is no smaller than 300x200. (The image cannot be smaller than 300 pixels in length, and no smaller than 200 pixels in height.)
3. You may choose a black & white image if you so want.
4. The image should not be altered before you start iconing; however, you are allowed to make any minor touches (i.e., adjusting its brightness/contrast) if needed.
5. You may use fan art if you can provide proof that the fan art's artist(s) gave you permission to make icons from their images.

·About· This community covers everything. Whatever you want to make a 10variations set from and as long as it's not more than a PG-13 rated image, you can use any picture you want to use.
→ the goal
The goal for each member here to try and achieve is to take an image and create ten vividly different icons from it. Not too hard to do, yes?
Moderator: rubbish
Co-Mods: luvotomy & mei

With all this said, welcome to [info]10variations~!

If you start unnecessary drama here, you will be banned. Promotions for other communities are unacceptable - it's okay to plug your icon journal when you post, but nothing else beyond that. Any thing not pertaining to images/icons will not be tolerated here.

[info]animeicons [info]crowded [info]heavenlyquake [info]leonhartless [info]mercurial_muse [info]sundae [info]bluesky [info]above [info]inkpen

main-mod; rubbish & co-mod; luvotomy & co-mod; mei & credit

Interests:134: 100 x 100, 100x100, actors, actresses, adobe, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, animated gif, animated gifs, animation, animation shop, animations, anime, art, artistic, artistic people, artists, artwork, avatars, base icons, bases, blends, brushes, buttons, challenge, challenges, cinema, color, colour, communities, community, computer graphics, contest, contests, corel draw, create, creating icons, creation, creative people, creativity, design, designs, digital art, disney, drawing, filters, fonts, fun, gif, gj icons, gradients, graphic design, graphics, graphics design, graphix, greatestjournal, greatestjournal icons, icon, icon bases, icon challenge, icon challenges, icon contest, icon contests, icon creating, icon making, icon stillness, icon textures, icon tutorials, icons, icontest, icontests, iconz, illustrating, illustrator, image, image editing, image manipulation, image modification, image ready, images, imagination, inspiration, jpg, layer, layers, making icons, movie icons, movies, music, music icons, musicians, opacity, paint shop, paint shop pro, painters, painting, paintshop, paintshop pro, photo editing, photo modification, photography, photos, photoshop, photoshop brushes, photoshop cs, pics, picture editing, picture taking, pictures, pixel, pixel art, pixels, png, ps, psp, psp brushes, psp7, psp8, psp9, square, style, television, television icons, television shows, text, textures, tutorials, tv, tv icons, tv series, user icons, user pic, variations, web design
Maintainers:3: luvotomy, mei, rubbish
Members:71: amenu, ammo, artistodionysus, babylon, baser, batmanda, beloved, bloodleaf, chemikill, curiousvenus, dannynoriega, dcma, demoned, denied, destructive, doodles, ecoute, eevee, eimii, franziska, freck, glamorousqueen, hammerofjustice, headlines, heartbeat, heartburn, himemiya, hisokaomi, how, humanitea, illuminated, irogami, kazuya, killmedead, kiokushitaka, kirie, kisaragi, lunareuphoria, luvotomy, mahasen, mahou, mei, monument, necromantic, paintgrenades, pornograffiti, radar, rubbish, ruin, saekuto, sehnsucht, sex_pancake, sexuality, sexytime, sincere, soliloquy, sonyaann, tulips, unicorn, urgent, utena, viored, wasabi, whimsical, whiskey, wolf, yellowsubmarine, zoli, zombeh
Watched by:49: amenu, artistodionysus, babylon, baser, batmanda, beloved, bloodleaf, chemikill, curiousvenus, denied, destructive, doodles, eevee, eimii, freck, glamorousqueen, hammerofjustice, headlines, heartbeat, himemiya, hisokaomi, how, humanitea, irogami, jobhopperdave, kazuya, kiokushitaka, kirie, kisaragi, lunareuphoria, luvotomy, monument, necromantic, paintgrenades, pornograffiti, rubbish, ruin, saekuto, sexytime, sonyaann, togepi, unicorn, urgent, utena, viored, whimsical, wolf, xul, zoli
Account type:Early Free User

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