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User:eimii (22024)
○ eimii ○
♪ i sing for you ♪
Website:The Ephemeral Dream Network
Location:Santa Cruz, California, United States
AOL IM:AIM status Eimiisan (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status sakura_yosei (Add User, Send Message)
I'm エイミー (Eimii), also known as Amy, Sakura Yosei, etc. I'm a 20 year old college student who loves Japan. I've been studying Japanese for a few years and may or may not take it up as a major, i haven't decided yet. However I currently work almost full time as a courtesy clerk at a grocery chain and have been since November of 2007. For those wondering what type of person i am, i like to think of myself as quiet (at first), gentle and selfless person. I'm also rather sensitive. I don't bite so don't be afraid to add me, just let me know ok? ^^

As I said before i love Japan. I'm very much into the music, animation, dramas, etc that are from there. Often times i'm quite behind on the entertainment world in the USA. I'm also an avid gamer and have been since age 3. I'm mostly an RPG and Fighting Game girl but recently i've been wanting to branch out. So far so good with the quirky games they have for the Nintendo DS.

I'm currently in a long distance relationship with straylow and have been since August 30th of 2004. We first met online at the now dedunct Anime Agency boards and through mutual friends (umbreon). We are still quite happy ^^ I someday hope to move out to the midwest as well. ^^

I currently live out in the Bay Area of California in the USA. Its a coastal town known as Santa Cruz, where hippies and pot reign. Its quite the liberal town though. However we are very open and supportive of all view points. I currently have not quite decided my political stances, however I'm leaning democratic. I still need to read up a bit more on politics, however i'm proud to participate every election since i turned 18.

As for religion, it has been a never ending struggle to find one for me. I often view myself as agnostic, and often times would tell people i was Atheist just so they would not pester me about it. However after thinking it over and dicussing with my boyfriend I have come to identify with being Protestant, because of their practices. To this day however, i still feel rather uncomfortable being in an church. So i do not go often.

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Interests:117: 14sai no haha, absolute boyfriend, ace wo nerae, aishiteruze baby, animal crossing, anime, anna tsuchiya, asian music, attack no. 1, attention please!, aya, ayashi no ceres, battle royale, boa, bones, bonnie pink, books, brain age, clannad, coffee, cooking mama, csi, digimon tamers, dreamcast, final fantasy, forensic files, fujimoto miki, fushigi yuugi, gamecube, ghost hunters, goo goo dolls, guitar vader, haken no hinkaku, hamasaki ayumi, hana kimi, hana yori dango, haruka 17, hatenkou yuugi, horikita mai, hot gimmick, house md, icons, ikuta toma, itazura na kiss, japan, jpop, jrock, kamikaze girls, katamari, kimi kiss pure rouge, kitagawa keiko, koda kumi, kure-nai, la corda d'oro, liar game, life, love, lovely complex, manga, march, matsuura aya, minnesota, mop girl, morning musume, mythology, nakashima mika, nana, nerds, nintendo, nintendo ds, nobuta wo produce, nodame cantabile, oguri shun, olivia, online friends, otsuka ai, parasite eve, phoenix wright, photoshop, playstation, pretty guardian sailor moon, punch lady, reading, red river, resident evil, romanizing lyrics, romeo x juliet, rosario + vampire, sailor moon, saiunkoku monogatari, sexy voice and robo, shiina ringo, shinohara ryoko, shoujo manga, sleeping in, soul calibur, spice and wolf, spring, star trek, staying up, strange circus, suicide circle, takeuchi naoko, tekken, true tears, ueto aya, ultra maniac, unfair, utada hikaru, vampire knight, video games, watase yuu, web design, winter, world of warcraft, yukan club, zombie loan
Schools:Cabrillo Community College - Aptos, CA (2007 - 2008)
People14:aheroemerges, confining, diaochan, kiokushitaka, kirie, lunareuphoria, mei, rei, sehnsucht, shinimegami, shion, straylow, urgent, zombeh
Communities20:10variations, animeawards, animechorus, animeicons, bitchbook, bookofrandom, confluence, conquered, deadletters, gameawards, honorcup, iconthemes, lmaoaim, madeofwin, nerdcore, ost_challenge, rants, sakurayosei, sextalk, videogame_icons
Mutual Friends:7: confining, diaochan, kirie, lunareuphoria, sehnsucht, shion, straylow
Member of:20: 10variations, animeawards, animechorus, animeicons, bitchbook, bookofrandom, confluence, conquered, deadletters, gameawards, honorcup, iconthemes, lmaoaim, madeofwin, nerdcore, ost_challenge, rants, sakurayosei, sextalk, videogame_icons
Account type:Early Free User

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