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Community Information

Below is information about the "Icon Themes -- Spreading The Creativity" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:iconthemes (25934)
Icon Themes
Spreading The Creativity
(no userpics)
Name:Icon Themes -- Spreading The Creativity
Location:United States
About:About [info]iconthemes:
Icon Themes is a new little community for icon makers to post and spread theme ideas. My goal is to spread some creativity to icon makers, if you are familiar with icontests then you should be pretty familiar with themes. Let me explain more.

Members are free to post a theme, say a word theme, maybe some lyrics, maybe an image, it can even just be a general series or size specification. Be creative! Once posted members are free to post icons they make based on that theme.

This is not an icon challenge with voting and winners. Rather just challenges for icon makers, to inspire and maybe think outside the box a little. I know in the past I've made icons i never would have normally if it weren't for a challenge. :)

All theme posts will stay up pretty much permanently. You are free to post your icons in the comments of that theme, or if you would rather not, that is ok too. Hoped this made sense and happy iconing!

1.) Be polite and repectful to other icon makers.
2.) Only post icons that fit the theme posted
3.) Check the memories and tags to see if your theme has already been posted. Similar ones are ok.
4.) Please put large images behind a lj-cut.
5.) Any fonts or textures, etc. used in your theme challenge must have credit links!

these rules may be added onto or changed as the community progresses

When posting, please use the following guidelines:
1.) For subject, please put the category (see below for example categories) and then subject.
2.) Tags would be appreciated, however I will more than likely take care of them for you.
3.) Please use this form when posting:

Theme Categories:
Here are some categories...just some basic examples, you are not limited to these:
01.) Image (includes icon bases)
02.) Word
03.) Series
04.) Person
05.) Object
06.) Size
07.) Texture
08.) Font
09.) Gradient
10.) Lyrics
11.) Brushes

if i see certain new ones popping up i'll add them :)

Communities Admired:
[info]10variations [info]animechorus [info]animeicons [info]confluence [info]gameawards [info]ost_challenge [info]videogame_icons
Interests:20: 100x100, actors, actresses, adobe, anime, books, creativity, famous people, gimp, icon, manga, modeling, music, nature, paint shop pro, photoshop, theme, tv, video games, words
Maintainers:1: eimii
Members:1: eimii
Watched by:1: eimii
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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