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User:beloved (7508)
Beloved Icons
Website:You're there~!
Bio:This is going to be my icon journal until I find the desire to start one up on LJ~!


Take what you'd like! I make these so that you can enjoy them :3

Credit is required for certain sets, but not for others. The only reason I ask you to credit is when the icons contain a texture/border/tutorial/effect from another icon artist. If it's just a picture I cropped, bordered and used Photoshop effects for, you don't need to worry ^^

Textless icons are whatever you want them to be! I encourage you to make what you want of my icons, so if you see a textless one that you want to add effects or text to, please by all means!

Comments are love :3

Friend me and I'll surely friend you back~!


I use a lot of different places for my bases/textures. I tried to only use one, but stumbled upon so many other amazing sites and journals that I just couldn't help myself. I try my best to keep track, but if for some reason you see a texture you recognize that isn't credited, or is miscredited, please drop me a comment and let me know!

Also, I'm sure you'll notice in time, but most of my icons have lyrics on them. It all depends on the mood I'm in and what I'm listening to when I make them, but it gets pretty varied XD

And now, without further ado...

---The List---

Shatter Heart

Lovely Trash

Celestial Star

Street Car Circus

dearest @ LJ

cdg @ LJ

trash_graphics @ LJ

wicked_avis @ LJ


With permission from Solid & Etc


The Icon Table Generator

My current layout was by snubbly @ http://snubbly.livejournal.com and edited by me.

[Disclaimer] I do not own any of the characters depicted in my icons. Lord knows if I did it'd be a different situation XD But sadly, Hellsing is © Kouta Hirano, Sailormoon is © Naoko Takeuchi, Devil May Cry is © Capcom, Castlevania is © Konami, Guilty Gear is © Daisuke Ishiwatari, Sifl & Olly are © Matt Crocco and Liam Lynch and so on and so forth~!
Memories4 entries
Interests:32: 100x100, abstract, alucard, art, cardcaptor sakura, castlevania, comedy, devil may cry, dracula, europe, family, friends, frisky dingo, guilty gear, hellsing, hilarity, icons, integra, j-pop, j-rock, japan, life, love, magic knights rayearth, malice mizer, mana, miscellaneous, moi dix mois, sailor moon, sailormoon, sifl & olly, trinity blood
Schools:None listed
People2:lunareuphoria, news
Communities5:100x100, 10variations, animeicons, take_this_icon, videogame_icons
Friend of:1: lunareuphoria
Member of:5: 100x100, 10variations, animeicons, take_this_icon, videogame_icons
Account type:Early Adopter

(more details...)

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