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User:freck (21564)
Name:Charles Freck
Location:United States
My Layout is from
Interests:60: 12 stones, 30 seconds to mars, a&e, adult swim, anti-animal cruelty, anti-bush, anti-war, breaking benjamin, canon powershot, carlos mencia, chevelle, coma therapy, comedy central, deftones, demetri martin, dirty jobs, dr pepper, facebook, flickr, foo fighters, gaiaonline, ghost hunters, ghosts, jon stewart, lacto vegetarian, lacto vegetarianism, lewis black, love, medical profession, mind fuck, mind fucking, mind fucks, music, myspace, mythbusters, neopets, nintendo ds, nirvana, paranormal, photography, playstation 2, poetry, politics, ps2, religions, ryan hernandez, sexy loeffler brothers, shitty cellphones, soulmates, soy milk, staind, steve gonsalves, strata, the cartoon network, the discovery channel, the sci-fi channel, tory belleci, vintage movies, writing, youtube
Schools:None listed
People3:jimmy, news, system
Communities8:10variations, bitchbook, flamecup, honorcup, iconic, inkpen, myspacers, yoursecrets
Account type:Early Free User

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