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User:sonyaann (14223)
Name:Sonya Ann
Location:California, United States
AOL IM:AIM status MsSiqBrah (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status Siqbrahh (Add User, Send Message)

Sonya Ann;

I'm the epitome of the word nerdbomber. California is where I call home. Vegetarian,no drugs,no drinking. I have OCD and anxiety, but it's chill for the time being, learning to deal aye. I live for weekends and going to parks. I have an awful obsession with my sidekick 3,and texting at the worst times. I tend to make my own words up, you'll catch on quick. I'm rather friendly for the most part unless provoked, and even then I still can tolerate people fairly well. I believe in fairness,karma,God,second chances,and finding good in everyone. I adore music; I listen to just about everything. I have a few good friends, amazing boyfriend, and I'm learning to just be happy with the life I've been given.

comment to be added, yeah?
Interests:143: +44, 11:11, a change of pace, aim, aliens, andy warhol, animals, arizona tea, art, belle&sebastian, biology, birds, blink 182, books, boys like girls, brand new, britney spears, bunnies, california, candles, cats, cheetahs, chuck palahniuk, cleaning, clothes, coffee, coheed and cambria, college, colors, concerts, copeland, counting crows, csi, dinosaurs, disney, driving, duck, ducks, dvds, fall out boy, fashion, fireplaces, friends, gatorade, gerard butler, ghost hunters, ghosts, good charlotte, green tea, gwen stefani, harry potter, heels, hello kitty, hellogoodbye, hemingway, hilary duff, hoodies, horoscopes, house, houston calls, hugh laurie, hugs, ipod, jack's mannequin, justin timberlake, kurt cobain, kyle xy, la, libraries, life, los angeles, love, lyrics, makeup, marilyn monroe, mayday parade, mest, monk, monopoly, moonlight, motion city soundtrack, movies, mulder, music, myspace, neon colors, nip/tuck, nirvana, ocd, ocean, peta, pink, pirates, pokemon, pop art, pop culture, posters, princess, project runway, psych, pumas, rain, rats, reading, relient k, sarah dessen, sarcasm, saved by the bell, saw1, saw2, saw3, science, senses fail, sewing, shoes, shopping, shows, sidekick 3, snakes, snow, something corporate, starbucks, summer, taking back sunday, tea, the ataris, the beach, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the little mermaid, the matches, the police, the spice girls, the x-files, tony shaloub, vampires, vans, vegans, vegetarians, writing, zebra, zombies
Schools:None listed
People16:_rawrz, beckymarie, boners, briezybug, chuckles, daydreams, duck, killmedead, lawrencegordon, ps_iloveyou, rowie, skye, thedeathset, thekooks, wan, whannell
Communities11:10variations, addme, bitchbook, donut, flamecup, myspacers, post_secret, sextalk, tattoos, tradingpost, wrotedown
Mutual Friends:13: _rawrz, beckymarie, boners, briezybug, chuckles, daydreams, killmedead, lawrencegordon, ps_iloveyou, rowie, skye, thedeathset, thekooks
Also Friend of:1: haggard
Member of:12: 10variations, addme, bitchbook, donut, flamecup, honorcup, myspacers, post_secret, sextalk, tattoos, tradingpost, wrotedown
Account type:Early Free User

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