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User:briezybug (17509)
The world has its shine
but I would drop it on a dime for you.
Location:Mississippi, United States

My name is Brie.
I'm 18 years old with a wonderful boyfriend, and the best friends imaginable.
I will be graduating this May, and entering a community college next August.
I love love love to paint.
Monet is my absolute favorite painter, and I have a huge weakness for graffiti.
I love poetry and reading, especially modern nonfiction.
I have a wide range of taste in music, but I hate going to concerts.
I love dirty, filthy beats that make you wanna dance.
I have a very dangerous obsession with ladybugs.
My biggest fears are water and water animals.
I have WAY too many cats. =]
I'm a pretty terrible driver and my car is always a mess.
I'm technologically inept and very clumsy.
My hands and feet are always freezing and I like to put them on people when they least expect it.
I put jalapenos on virtually EVERYTHING.
I love big, squishy marshmallows, but I will not eat them to save my life.
The only oatmeal I eat must give birth to dinosaurs first.
I live on pink - ipod, speakers, phone, camera, everything. If it doesn't come in pink I probably don't want it.
I'm a huge Alabama football fan.
I'm ridiculously ADD, and slightly BPD and OCD.
I'm very outspoken, and I'm sick of apologizing for speaking my mind when I don't really mean the "I'm sorry" anyway.
I have average self-esteem, but I am very confident.
I can be the sweetest little Southern Belle you could ever imagine, and yet I can be so vicious and vindictive that you will wonder why the hell you ever even started talking to me.
Interests:37: adhd, babies, books, bpd, cats, conditioner, daisies, daniel jackson, dinosaurs, driving, fun, hair dye, hyacinths, jalapenos, ladybugs, laughing, life, makeup, music, ocd, orange roses, painting, photography, pink, poetry, reading, sex, shakespeare, smiling, snakes, soul calibur, starbucks, stegosaurus, texting, ttc, walt whitman, yellow roses
Schools:None listed
People8:anotherday, daydreams, etudes, lickthepavement, replica_of_me, roniah, sailor_moon, sonyaann
Communities8:100x100, addme, conquered, donut, flame_cup, inkpen, machete, thrashground
Mutual Friends:7: anotherday, daydreams, etudes, lickthepavement, replica_of_me, roniah, sonyaann
Member of:8: 100x100, addme, conquered, donut, flame_cup, inkpen, machete, thrashground
Account type:Early Free User

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