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User:replica_of_me (17811)
"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."
(no userpics)
Location:New Jersey, United States

Play like an All Star

I figured id change this because only a few people would have understood that message in full.

so, my name is caitlin and my team means everything to me. I live for bowling, playing pool, going to the movies, and johnny rockets with the weekendcrew<3.

Most of my blogs are rants, get used to it.

If you still wanna be my friend, go ahead, add me first, i wont turn you down.

Interests:10: & laughing, baking, cake-decorating, chipotle, crocheting, music, sunglasses, swimming, taking pictures, working out
People9:avada, briezybug, clearing, hookah, lawrencegordon, pixie_dust, retrouvailles, smoke, wan
Communities5:50bookchallenge, addme, bitchbook, dreamwalkers, post_secret
Mutual Friends:4: briezybug, clearing, pixie_dust, retrouvailles
Member of:5: 50bookchallenge, addme, bitchbook, dreamwalkers, post_secret
Account type:Early Free User

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