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User:retrouvailles (13029)

Freud said that love was a good psychosis

There's too much silence in her night,
she calls herself an angel, and she comes to town
I said, "L-O-N-D-O-N" just so she can fall.

Interests:43: accents, alessandra ambrosio, andrew knott, barenaked ladies, bloc party, bob marley, british slang, cigarettes, criminology, daniel radcliffe, diet coke, dr. pepper, english, freerunning, grateful dead, hannibal rising, hard-fi, harry potter, heidi klum, jack johnson, john nathaniel, lighters, london!, love, marlboro, medical science, mindless self indulgence, olympus evolt e-500, parkour, photography, potter puppet pals, pride and prejudice, psychology, razorlight, slightly stoopid, smashing pumpkins, star wars, sublime, the clash, the fratellis, the history boys, the smiths, zune
People9:aliens, codyfallsforth, desiired, diesel, lickthepavement, piaf, replica_of_me, titjobs, wallflower
Communities3:addme, bedtalks, upload
Account type:Early Adopter

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