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Community Information

Below is information about the "Dream Walkers" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:dreamwalkers (13235)
Dream Walking
the journeys we make
Name:Dream Walkers
Theme:Dream Discussion
About:What we're about

Dreamwalking is a term we use for times when the soul wanders away from the physical body. This can happen not only while dreaming, but during meditation, astral, OBEs, dimensional travel, through memories of a past reincarnation, memories of another home very far from here, and anything else in between.

You can share your dreams, interpret another's dreams, ask questions, and more.


Many of these topics are considered controversial. Please respect other members and don't turn another's words into a debate.

Thank you.

Sister Asylums
[info]sensitive - sensitivity, hsp, empathy
[info]silver_wings - positive thinking
[info]allpaths - spiritual discussions
Interests:38: affirmations, angels, animal spirits, archetypes, astral body, candles, centering, daydreams, dream journals, dreaming, dreams, dreamwalking, dreamwork, empathy, from the stars, guides, healers, kasiyans, lucid dreams, meditation, music, nde, night terrors, nightmares, other realities, past lives, psyche, rem, shamanism, shape shifting, sleep patterns, spirit guides, spirits, spirituality, symbols, telepathy, visitations, walkabouts
Maintainers:3: amirah, sakuradragonfly, tej_agni
Members:14: amirah, butterfly_wings, chex_mix, dalamar, illuminated, kasiyans, leanne, replica_of_me, romei, sakuradragonfly, sukey, suz, tej_agni, the_clique
Watched by:13: amirah, butterfly_wings, chex_mix, dalamar, kasiyans, leanne, replica_of_me, romei, sakuradragonfly, sukey, suz, tej_agni, the_clique
Account type:Early Adopter

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