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User:chex_mix (13221)
Name:Chex Mix Kidlets
Interests:19: books, cheeseburgers, cocoa, cuties, dx, horseback riding, jeff hardy, kasiyans, kidlets, kitties, nds, pasta, plural, snowball fights, triple h, video games, wii, wrestling, yoda
People18:amirah, butterfly_wings, chex_mix, dalamar, halfling, ilenna, jellybaby, kasiyans, leanne, romei, sakuradragonfly, sanjuuko_son, sukey, suz, tea_time, tej_agni, the_clique, the_lighthouse
Communities12:allpaths, dreamwalkers, group_mates, jedi_temple, more_than_one, multiplicity, pretty_pixels, sensitive, silver_wings, teen_hub, the_sanctuary, writers_anon
Mutual Friends:12: butterfly_wings, chex_mix, halfling, jellybaby, kasiyans, romei, sakuradragonfly, suz, tea_time, tej_agni, the_clique, the_lighthouse
Account type:Early Adopter

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