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Community Information

Below is information about the "More Than One" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:more_than_one (12563)
More Than One
living as more than one
Theme:Plurals, Walk-ins, Soulbonds & more
About:We decided to create a new asylum to mirror the community we created on LiveJournal. This asylum is a combines the issues of Plurality with Soulbonding with Spirituality, since we realize there are fine lines which are not always easily separated. Feel free to join if you are Multiple, Soulbond, Walk-in, or anything in between.

About this community
This community is for those who are more than one. Originally, this was going to be another Plural community, but we decided to expand it a bit outward to include not only Plural groups, but Soulbonds/Fictives and those with Spirit friends as well. That may sound like a wide range to incorporate into one community, but as ourselves living as more than one, we have each of the above in our lives.

More Than One is for individuals who have unseen others around them that most others may not see, hear, or even believe in. At times there is a fine line between thought-created people, Spirits, and individuals within Plural groups. We are here to to learn about the similarities and the differences between us and those we share this universe with.

About the phrase "More Than One"
We see it this way: "more than one" doesn't have to mean literally two or more individuals. It can mean that you don't feel like there is only you with nothing else there. There is something else going on with you, there is more going on than only your single existance. Compared to an individual who has only their own one voice they hear and nothing else. More than just one.

About Posting
If any members have topics they would like to bring up, even if it's a subject that's been over talked about, please bring it up. Even in overused topics, there are opportunities for new insights.

If any members would like to discuss a subject that they are hesitant to bring up because of a fear of being doubted or talked down to in any fashion, I hope you can feel comfortable discussing them in here. I would like this to be an open community where others can feel comfortable talking about a certain aspect of their lives without fear of being shot down. It's alright to express doubts on another's claims, only be diplomatic about it.

The excessive negativity toward another and flaming that I've seen in some other communities will not be tolerated in here. I hope that isn't a problem.

Intelligent or even silly discussions about unusual circumstances are what we're all about. Asking questions, learning about who we are, finding our place in the universe, discovering others like ourselves; these are the main goals behind this community.

We may be more than one, but we are together. Make this place your own.

We would love to see this community to become not only a place to learn about who we are inside, but a place where we can make new friends. This community will grow as we learn.

Nitty Gritty Definitions:

More Than One - An existance of feeling/knowing there is more than just yourself
Multiple/Plural: - Two or more sentient beings inhabiting a single, physical body. They don't have to be separate.
Walk-ins/Soulbonds: - Individuals originating from a fictional media who have taken on a life of their own.
Spirits: - Discarnate beings who may have once lived a physical lifetime.
Inner World: Another plane/dimension where you and those with you may also live.


1) Respect is important. All opinions are welcome, but talking down to or intentionally causing another member to become uncomfortable is cause for warning, and then eventual removal.

2) Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are not a requirement for membership. Just do the best you can, whatever your age.

3) Advice is welcome, but avoid telling another member that what they believe is wrong. Remember that everyone believes what they believe.

4) No flaming & no spam.

Sister communities
[info]multiplicity - Plural discussions
[info]teen_hub - Plural teens
[info]group_mates - Plural internal families

This isn't a therapy or medical community. If you feel there is something very wrong, please contact a family member or professional.

This is meant to be a safe place, in the sense that abusive attacks will not be tolerated.

created originally on LJ: July 03, 2005
Interests:60: 3d, age-sliding, alternate dimensions, angelkin, angels, angels incarnate, animal spirits, astral travel, awareness, channeling, clans, co-conciousness, co-presence, collectives, creativity, daydreaming, dimensions, ego states, empathy, fronting, gateways, guardians, guidance, guides, headmates, headspace, headvoices, in-house, incarnate angels, inner knowledge, inner voices, inner worlds, internal landscapes, invisible friends, kasiyans, littles, median, mediums, multiple systems, multiples, multiplicity, other worlds, otherkin, outer world, parallel realities, philosophy, plural children, plurality, plurals, real world, soulbonding, soulbonds, spirit companions, spirit guides, spirits, starseeds, system children, telepathy, walk-ins, within
Maintainers:4: amirah, sakuradragonfly, sandglass, tej_agni
Members:21: amirah, butterfly_wings, chex_mix, dalamar, halfling, ilenna, inkoflemon, kasiyans, leanne, lion_azure, notjustapuppet, robyn, romei, sakuradragonfly, sandglass, sanjuuko_son, siriuslysnape, sukey, suz, tej_agni, the_clique
Watched by:21: amirah, butterfly_wings, chex_mix, dalamar, halfling, ilenna, inkoflemon, kasiyans, leanne, lion_azure, notjustapuppet, robyn, romei, sakuradragonfly, sandglass, sanjuuko_son, siriuslysnape, sukey, suz, tej_agni, the_clique
Account type:Early Adopter

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