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User:robyn (20754)
my life & the buns
Bio:im a mother of 3. kevin or little nicky, kenna and mason. i live with them and my girl shay. these profiles are lame but thats what im about. yea the kasiyans are my family.
Interests:29: boots, computers, cute girls, devil may cry, dr. pepper, fried foods, fun, girls, grape soju, hellraiser, horror, horror movies, kasiyans, kissing, lust, making out, messy foods, movies, mp3s, music, my girl shay, nose rings, omgwtf, originality, pixie stix, playstation 2, punks, purple, the buns
People19:amirah, butterfly_wings, chex_mix, dalamar, halfling, ilenna, inkoflemon, jellybaby, kasiyans, leanne, robyn, romei, sakuradragonfly, sukey, suz, tea_time, tej_agni, the_clique, the_lighthouse
Communities5:group_mates, more_than_one, multiplicity, teen_hub, writers_anon
Mutual Friends:8: amirah, butterfly_wings, ilenna, inkoflemon, kasiyans, robyn, sakuradragonfly, sukey
Member of:5: group_mates, more_than_one, multiplicity, teen_hub, writers_anon
Account type:Early Free User

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