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User:sanjuuko_son (13523)
Website:Cartaala: The Group Website
Location:United States
Bio:This journal's long overdue for an update.
I still have my dog and my best friend, but I'm personally single now, though my system have a fiancee and now live in a total other part of the country. Wild, huh?
Interests:35: autumn, being friendly, being held, blindness, blue, books, braille, chocolate, chronicling life, coffee, colors i can see, contemplating things, dogs, falling leaves, feeling like i belong, gold, healthy multiplicity, journalling, journals, learning new things, leaves, multiples, multiplicity, my dog sally, my girlfriend, nondisordered plurals, perfectionism, purple, reading, red, rhymershouse, sun, sunshine, wind on my face, writing
Schools:None listed
People15:chaan_dahvriaan, climbingivy, dreizehn, fenners, flatlanders, forestoftrees, inkoflemon, kiri, leanne, mj_rockwell, muzaic_us, neuraesthete, sakuradragonfly, sandglass, thisonething
Communities5:more_than_one, multiplicity, silver_wings, teen_hub, writers_anon
Mutual Friends:9: chaan_dahvriaan, dreizehn, fenners, flatlanders, forestoftrees, kiri, mj_rockwell, muzaic_us, neuraesthete
Also Friend of:2: chex_mix, talkingsobrave
Member of:3: more_than_one, multiplicity, silver_wings
Account type:Early Adopter

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