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User:dreizehn (12871)
Darwin's Journal
Bio:What have I got to say? I'm sure why you're all dying to know why I chose 'Dreizehn' to be my user name, too. It's rather random really; it just means 'thirteen' in German. The number needs more love anyway, so...I'm Dreizehn here. The rest of the [info]fenners and I are here mainly to keep up with others, although I may very well post development-related updates here.

- Darwin

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Interests:11: education, fruit tea, harry potter, latin, magic, maths, psychology, reading, science, spells, studying
Schools:None listed
People4:fenners, kiri, neuraesthete, sanjuuko_son
Friend of:6: chaan_dahvriaan, fenners, forestoftrees, kiri, neuraesthete, sanjuuko_son
Account type:Early Adopter

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