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User:neuraesthete (12818)
Ecce mundi gaudium
Ecce salus gentium
Bio:My name is Richard. I see you've come across my little journal. If you care to read it, it consists primarily of informal essays about my favourite subjects, and screeds about my personal bugbears.

I am a man of multifarious interests and tastes, mostly in the arts and sciences. Politics holds my interest as well, although I really haven't time for much of the rubbish that passes for 'intelligent discourse' these days.

Although this profile makes me sound ever so stiff and formal, I really am far chattier and more congenial than I seem, so if you wish to add me, by all means, do so. I enjoy having discussions with people of like minds, and I also enjoy a good debate with those with whom I may disagree. Do tell me where you found me, though! I'd love to hear it.

My layout is by LJ-goat_song.

I am a member of The Fen Group
Interests:121: aristocracy, art, art history, artists, atheism, bach, beau brummel, bespoke, biology, books, café society, calligraphy, civilisation, classical music, clothing, computers, correctness, cuff links, cult of cultivation, cultural conservatism, culture, culturgen, dimensions, elitism, england, english, epicureanism, equality, escher, etiquette, eugenics, europe, evening attire, evolution, evolutionary psychology, existentialism, exquisite surroundings, fine wine, france, francis galton, french, genes, genetics, genotypes, gentlemen, grammar, high culture, high tea, human rights, humanism, hyperaesthesia, illuminated manuscripts, individualism, intelligence, intelligent privilege, internet, iq, justice, l'art pour l'art, language, latin, leisure, liberalism, libraries, linguistics, literature, looking-glasses, manners, marriage, mathematics, memes, memetics, mere formalities, meritocracy, modernity, monoculturalism, monoculture, moral rectitude, mozart, multiculturalism, multiplicity, music, numbers, old-fashioned, opera glasses, other worlds, paris, patience, perfection, perseveration, phenotypes, philosophy, politeness, project gutenberg, psychology, psychometrics, renaissance art, replicators, richard dawkins, sartorial, science, semiotics, sens critique, set theory, silk, social mores, sociology, space travel, sparkling conversation, string theory, subtilité de l'être, sybarites, the selfish gene, travelling, typography, u and non-u, victorian england, western canon, western civilisation, wit, writing.
Schools:None listed
People7:chaan_dahvriaan, dreizehn, fenners, flatlanders, kiri, littleandfluffy, sanjuuko_son
Friend of:9: chaan_dahvriaan, dreizehn, fenners, flatlanders, forestoftrees, kiri, littleandfluffy, sanjuuko_son, spunoutonyou
Account type:Early Adopter

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