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User:fenners (12711)
la Société des cœurs perdus
Name:The Fenners
Website:Ex Uno Plures
AOL IM:AIM status Fen Collective (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status fencollective (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:nous nous sommes bougés. qu'est-ce que vous faites ici ? il n'y a rien pour vous; il faut d'aller ailleurs.
Interests:149: academics, aesthetics, affection, anti-racism, aristocracy, art, art history, artificial intelligence, atheism, bach, bad english, baking, beauty, being right, biology, bitching, chaos, cheesecake, civilisation, classical music, co-operation, cognition, collecting facts, computer science, conservatism, constructed languages, cooking, correct grammar, correcting grammatical errors, creativity, cultural exchange, curiosity, daleks, deutsch, deutschland, doctor who, electronic music, england, equality, error messages, errors, evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, fairness, female vocalists, fifties, folk music, fonts, food porn, forests, forties, france, funk, geekery, genes, germanic languages, germany, goldberg variations, good english, grammar, graphic design, great justice, harry potter, hayley westenra, high culture, hippies, history, human rights, humanism, hyperaesthesia, icons, illuminated manuscripts, intelligence, intelligent conversation, international relations, intuition, invention, ireland, irish music, irrelevant interests, joanna newsom, justice, kate bush, l'art pour l'art, labyrinth, languages, latin, layouts, liberalism, linguistics, linux, lulz, manners, memes, memetics, metacognition, monoculturalism, monoculture, mucking about, multiculturalism, multiplicity, neurodiversity, neuroscience, new worlds, o rly?, obscure facts, order, organisation, oxford, perseveration, philosophy, philosophy of mind, phonology, photoshop, plurality, politics, pop music, psychometrics, punctuation, reading, religion, retro, richard dawkins, robots, russia, science, science fiction, second world war, snerk, social organisation, sociology, sophie ellis bextor, string theory, syntax, taking over the world, technology, thomas dolby, transhumanism, typography, u and non-u, uncertainty, unity, vivaldi, wagner, web design, weirdness, western civilisation, wit, youth rights.
Schools:None listed
People14:chaan_dahvriaan, dreizehn, flatlanders, forestoftrees, inkoflemon, kiri, littleandfluffy, mj_rockwell, neuraesthete, sanjuuko_son, scarol, shadowsouls, spunoutonyou, wayfarers
Mutual Friends:13: chaan_dahvriaan, dreizehn, flatlanders, forestoftrees, kiri, littleandfluffy, mj_rockwell, neuraesthete, sanjuuko_son, scarol, shadowsouls, spunoutonyou, wayfarers
Account type:Early Adopter

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