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User:scarol (21768)
No Tea Within 100ft Of This Journal!
I will spill it, I promise you I will....
Name:The Carol
Location:Fryeburg, Maine, United States
Bio:My name is Carol. I am a multiple. My system has a community journal. [info]forestoftrees Um, that's it I guess? Feel free to poke me if you have a question? XD
Interests:26: band, buttons, cartoons, chinese food, clouds, college, conformists, doom, forest, hunger, invader zim, logic, magic, multiplicity, music, night, oblong box, originality, reading, realistic, school, system, trees, twilight, understand, writing
People19:debris, endlight, fenners, forestoftrees, inkoflemon, jimmy, justmagic, kasiyans, leanne, news, sakuradragonfly, sandglass, sanssommeil, scarol, serpentine, shadowsouls, spunoutonyou, system, thisonething
Communities4:dear_you, dragonspam, post_secret, sextalk
Mutual Friends:15: debris, endlight, fenners, forestoftrees, inkoflemon, justmagic, kasiyans, leanne, sakuradragonfly, sandglass, sanssommeil, scarol, shadowsouls, spunoutonyou, thisonething
Also Friend of:1: amirah
Member of:4: dear_you, dragonspam, post_secret, sextalk
Account type:Early Free User

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