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User:serpentine (12483)
Bio:This journal...I'm not yet sure what it's being used for other than my random angst and the strange stuff I encounter in life. Hence why I keep it rather protected. I let people read it only when I trust them. This journal also exists to comment on our friends' journals. Maybe I'll be more open later on. I'll just have to think on it.

[info]iamthe Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort of Scribbld
Interests:43: apple cider, apple wine, apples, bettering myself, blood, candle wax, caramel apples, cats, chaos magic, chocolate, chocolate dipped strawberries, classical music, daggers, death, e nomine, german, harry potter, hella, herpetology, kushiel's dart, magic, music and magic, my loves, mythology, necks, nightwish, pulled back hair, quetzalcoatl, reading, ritual, sadism, sangria, sensuality, snakes, spiced cider, standing strong, studying, tea, the occult, tickling, toffee, vnv nation, within temptation
People16:climbingivy, forestoftrees, inkoflemon, kasiyans, kiri, leanne, news, sakuradragonfly, sandglass, sanssommeil, serpentine, shadowsouls, spunoutonyou, system, thisonething, yamikarasu
Communities2:bitchbook, dear_you
Mutual Friends:6: forestoftrees, kiri, serpentine, shadowsouls, spunoutonyou, yamikarasu
Account type:Early Adopter

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