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User:mj_rockwell (13476)
A Cocophony of Whispers
Metamorphoses comes on Silent Wings
(no userpics)
Website:Cartaala: A Group Project I'm involved In
Location:United States
Bio:Hello. My name is Matthew. I am 28 years old. I have dark-brown hair that is short in the back and long in the front. It hangs over my eyes and I peek out from under it.
I am extremely shy. I usually don't like to talk to anybody. But for once I'm trying to come out of my shell just a little bit.
I am a member of a healthy multiple system. This means that we did not have traumatic origins and that the classic paradigm of splitting and fragmentation did not occur in our case. We were just born this way. Feel free to friend me if the fact that I'm a member of a multiple group does not bother you. If it DOES bother you and you friend me anyway, beware that I will not filter my entries to spare you from something that scares you. So as long as we're straight on that we'll get along well.
Interests:37: animals, being a loner, being shy, blue, brown and gold, cats, circuitry, drifting, electronics, falling asleep, family, flavored syrup, french fries, gadgets, gizmos, good friends, green, growing things, healthy multiplicity, helping others, life, light, love, multiples, multiplicity, not being social, rain, rainbows, reading, rhymershouse, shyness, sleeping, the joy of life, trees, understanding people, wires, writing
Schools:None listed
People7:chaan_dahvriaan, fenners, flatlanders, forestoftrees, kiri, sanjuuko_son, spunoutonyou
Mutual Friends:7: chaan_dahvriaan, fenners, flatlanders, forestoftrees, kiri, sanjuuko_son, spunoutonyou
Also Friend of:1: muzaic_us
Account type:Early Adopter

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