A Cocophony of Whispers

Metamorphoses comes on Silent Wings



January 20th, 2008

Well Fuck

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*Sigh* Today's been just lovely. I woke up at front and to Lorimom telling me that Danie was on the phone. Ipicked up the phone in our room and talked to her for a good long while. She made me a gmail address so I have my own email now. But then I read the group email only to find that a friend of the group is slowly losing his grandmother. And he is as private a person as I am. So he doesn't want any phone calls, cards or anything like that. All we can do is keep him in our thoughts and prayers. *Sighs*
And now I'm sitting on the other end of an IM with the Gryphons, listening to the silence because I'm too shy to talk and they're too bleh to talk. I'd love to go lie down and sleep for a while longer. I'm exhausted. But I can't do that. Need to uphold the conversation. *Sigh* Sometimes my shyness can be a pain in the ass.
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