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User:muzaic_us (17087)
Location:New York, United States
Bio: For now just journaling for self exploration Just a girl 19 who feels often interrupted but carries on anyways, making it work in famous words of one of my heros Tim Gunn. Looking just to journal not really always looking for comments or to add many readers, just people who understand my world as is already, without having to explain much. I will choose who those people are as I go along adding people. This is a friends locked journal but I will add people as I get to know them through communities ,some I have added who are trusted I have known for years.
Interests:52: 60's 80's song lyrics, activisam, all scriptures, ancient books, antiques, bibles, boating swimming, bubblewrap, cds, cellos, crafts, crochetring, dancing, doula, drums, education peace, eyeshadow, flavored lip gloss, go green, guitars, health holistic, horsebackriding, ipods, jesus christ, keyboards, liturature, midwifery, mp3 players, music, mutigrainbreads, natural medicine, non violence, peace, pianos, poetry, politics, reality tv, rollerpianos, rollupdesks, saving energy, scene hair, scene makeup, singing, soups, stews, strings, tim gunn, victorian era, violins, walkmans, world health, writing-human and annimal rights
People14:amirah, chaan_dahvriaan, fenners, flatlanders, jimmy, kasiyans, leanne, mj_rockwell, muzaic_us, news, sakuradragonfly, sanjuuko_son, system, visual_syntax
Communities3:allpaths, multiplicity, teen_hub
Mutual Friends:6: amirah, kasiyans, leanne, muzaic_us, sanjuuko_son, visual_syntax
Member of:3: allpaths, multiplicity, teen_hub
Account type:Early Free User

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