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10:28pm 09/02/2008
This is a Friends locked journal. This will be only pu.blic post My Name is Astrid. I am 19. So I am here and have added you if you see me on your freinds page then I added you correctly. If I am missing anyone from Lj please let me know if you want to be added, then just comment here and I will add you and all your SO's. Or just write somewhere else I am and I will add you here
This is mostly my journal but as some may know I am never alone not really alone so I am sharing with some Bratz as needed to as a dialouge place for us to work stuff out obviously Serrinnna is here duh! Stuck like glu us two anyhow I need my space so am here with a few of my trust
ing pals.
I may change layout if I can find what I am looking for and everything But I am keeping My Girl Interrupted theme FINALLY cuz I often feel interrrupted but I do carry On

"Carry On Make It work" Tim Gunn
"Share the love" Astrid
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