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Community Information

Below is information about the "All Paths" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:allpaths (13228)
All Paths
Spiritual Discussions
Theme:Spiritual Discussion
About:This is a community for discussion of all things spiritual, regardless of paths. Here you can discuss beliefs, ask questions and share related experiences. This community focuses on many areas because we believe that many spiritual experiences and beliefs are very connected.

It isn't a private community, so some may feel uncomfortable sharing certain areas, but feel free to join and read what others have to say. The main goal is to learn about yourselves, about each other and this vast spiritual realm we live in.

All beliefs are welcome here.

Past topics:
Meditation, Empathy, Shielding, Spirit Guides, Finding inner strength, Spiritual/Religious holidays, Music & Spirituality, Dreams, Affirmations, and more.

Our personal wish for this community stem from a desire for learning. Learning from one another. Please feel free to make this community a welcoming place for yourselves.

We would love to see postings on:

* Personal belief-systems - whether you belong to a large organized faith, or if you prefer to practice solitary. All beliefs are welcomed here without debates. Finding what we have in common with one another is so much more agreeable than searching for our differences, or overpowering each other with ego. Everyone has the potential to teach, along with the potential to learn. What a wealth of potential we have here.

* Stories - have you a story you've been dying to share? Spirits, Spirit Guides, empathy, past lives, soul mates, candles, healing, Angel stories, stories about your children's first steps along their spiritual paths, your own personal steps down your spiritual paths, have a totem you'd like to talk about? want to share a dream? Please, share with us.

* Techniques - do you have a special technique within a spiritual area that has worked well for you? favorite meditation or prayer ritual? Setting up an altar or personal space. Have a tea that relaxes you no matter what? Special visualization methods. Something you do that helps you lucid dream better? Ways to interpret dreams. Know of great sites we might be interested in? Everyone is an expert at something, even if it's knowing what works best for themselves. If you like, you're welcome to share here, no matter how small.

* Questions - is there something within your own personal path that you are stuck on? Something within another religion or path that you're curious about? Looking for someone else to relate with on your journey? This is why we are here. Because of the members. A question you ask may just be what someone else has also been wondering about. Chances are, someone else may be able to point you in the right direction to help you with your wonderings.

We hope our enthusiasm is contagious. You have permission to help make this community grow.

-Amirah & Kasia

Sister Communities
[info]sensitive - sensitivity, hsp, empathy
[info]dreamwalkers - dream discussions
[info]silver_wings - positive thinking

This is not a debating community.

Abuse or attacks will result in removal from the group.

Spam and/or soliciting posts will be deleted. Please, don't come here to sell or ask for money. It's not very courteous.

originally created 9/24/03 on livejournal
Interests:91: allah, alternate dimensions, angels, animal spirits, animal totems, astral plane, astral projection, astral travel, astrology, astronomy, atheism, awakening, awareness, bible, buddhism, candles, catholic, celestial, celtic, chakras, channeling, christian, co-conciousness, coexistance, crystals, daydreaming, demons, dimensions, divine guidance, divine light, dreams, druid, egyptology, empathy, empowerment, energy work, enlightenment, eternal love, fae, ghosts, god, goddess, guardians, guides, healing, horoscopes, incense, inner knowledge, introspective dreams, judaism, kasiyans, knowledge, lucid dreaming, meditation, metaphysical, mystical union, mythology, oracle, other worlds, pagan, parallel realities, paranormal, protestant, psychic, pyramids, quartz, reiki, reincarnation, religion, runes, self-discovery, sensuality, shakti, shamanism, soul bonds, soulmates, spirit companions, spirit guides, spirits, spirituality, supernatural, tarot, temples, the unexplainable, the unknown, theology, truth, twin souls, visualizing, wiccan, wisdom
Maintainers:4: amirah, kasiyans, sakuradragonfly, tej_agni
Members:15: amirah, butterfly_wings, chex_mix, illuminated, kasiyans, leanne, lion_azure, muzaic_us, sakuradragonfly, sukey, suz, tea_time, tej_agni, the_clique, the_lighthouse
Watched by:14: amirah, butterfly_wings, chex_mix, kasiyans, leanne, lion_azure, muzaic_us, sakuradragonfly, sukey, suz, tea_time, tej_agni, the_clique, the_lighthouse
Account type:Early Adopter

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