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User:sailor_moon (10687)
Our Feelings Are So Strong
And Our Hearts Will Beat As One
Name:★ Danielle → Sailor_Moon @ Scribbld.net ★
Website:SMiLE-dk ❀ Official Web Site
Location:Cape Coral, Florida, United States

I was born in Massachusetts but I've lived in Florida for most of my life. I love the good in life and hate the bad. I wish for peace in the world. I'm pure-hearted. I strive to do my best. I think music can make a huge difference in the world. I love to sing, especially in a group. My loved ones are precious to me. I have the greatest boyfriend! I may be a young woman but I'm still holding onto my childhood. I wish to find my future career and pursue in it. I want to get married and have a child someday. Life is a gift and I cherish every moment of it!

I love you Terry. I love how you're so kind and always there. I want to do the same for you. Our hearts are just alike. I want to always be by your side. My heart belongs only to you. Our love will remain true and eternal!

Danielle . Female . 21
Danielle is Hebrew and means God is My Judge. My chinese zodiac is Year of the Rabbit and my astrological sign is Virgo. My birthstone is Sapphire and my birth flower is Aster. Sapphires symbolize love, mercy, and victory. Aster symbolizes love, and for elegance and daintiness.

Halloween.com | History of Halloween | October Fundays Calendar | World of Warcraft

[info]iamthe Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon of Scribbld!


Journal Layout: Kandace Wright - Layouts_By_Me@LiveJournal.com

Interests:67: a*teens, anime, autumn, bambee, beauty and the beast, bowling, bubblegum dance, cardcaptor sakura, castle in the sky, cherry blossoms, chobits, christmas, classical music, collecting, cosplay, creamy, crispy, dance dance revolution, dance factory, dancing, disney, dolphins, dragonair, dramacon, enya, ever after, faeries, fairy tales, fast food rockers, glaceon, halloween, harp, harry potter movies, ireland, journey, labyrinth, manga, mew, miss papaya, music, ni-ni, organization, piplup, pirates of the caribbean, pokemon, pokemon battle revolution, pokemon diamond, sailor moon, sclub7, selling, shojo beat, singing, smile.dk, snowflakes, spirited away, stars, strawberries, the color black, the color blue, the color silver, the moon, u2, violin, waterparks, white night melody, winter, world of warcraft
People7:jade_priestess, jolteon, lawton_anime, okura_chan, souhait, urgent, utena
Communities3:iamthe, pimp_my_room, wish_list
Friend of:17: besani, briezybug, cericeglow, darkrai, ifihadsanity, jade_priestess, jolteon, kittypryde, lawliet, lawton_anime, okura_chan, shion, souhait, stewardess, urgent, utena, waterbender
Member of:3: iamthe, pimp_my_room, wish_list
Account type:Early Adopter

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