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User:cericeglow (17606)
you'll soon drip precious rubies
but silver's good enough for me
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:AIM status chibinekodoll (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status the_chase_final (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:
If You Want Romance Baby I'll take you Home Tonight
Fate changes faster than the death of light,
you supply the envy and I'll provide the spite,
reflections cutting every face in two,
casting shadows in the pale shade of blue.

Cerice; adj. a deep red, a warm color

·Likes:her Axel, sleeping, roleplaying, music, sexy ladies, books, food, video games, anime, cosplay, money, the dark, and sweets
·Dislikes: People, idiots, music snobs, daddy dearest, people who take things too seriously, fucktards, and heights

Misc info:
Writing journal

This journal is Friends Only Comment to be added.

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
Interests:77: .hack//g.u., adorable girls, alice in wonderland, anime, beetles, books, bows, clothes, comics, cosplay, crows, dee-dee twins, doctor who, doujinshi, dreaming, eating, eye patches, fairy tales, fandom, french toast, goggles, gore, gurren lagann, harley quinn, harleyxivy, haunted mansion radio, heat, heroes, hoodies, horror, hypodermic needles, i need you, i'll wait for you, internet, john connolly, kingdom hearts, languages, let's play~, little red riding hood, love that outlasts time, lovehate relationships, mad tea parties, make-up, matt, medical fetish, money, movies, mrs. lovett, music, musicals, naive love, needy love, nurses, on the other side, painful love, poison ivy, puddin', pyramidheadxsora=otf, rebirth, reincarnation, roleplay, salad fingers, sewing, sleeping, soulmates never die, spoilsbury toast boy, steampunk, stitches, super heroes, super villains, sweets, tea, the dark, twins, video games, yaoi/yuri/hetero, zombies
Schools:None listed
People5:axel, catgirl_luna, heartbeat, sailor_moon, superherogirl
Communities2:addme, animeaddme
Mutual Friends:4: axel, catgirl_luna, heartbeat, superherogirl
Member of:2: addme, animeaddme
Account type:Early Free User

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