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User:heartbeat (11624)
across the sky, i will come for you.
Name:i am a bird.
Send heartbeat a text message
on his/her cellphone/pager.
Website:i'm more active on elgay
Location:Riverview, Florida, United States
AOL IM:AIM status cannibal crush (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:

♥ ♥ ♥ Kelly, Kerry, Squeaky, Mum, or Waifu. 16. Funny. Intelligent. Grammar dork. Photography junkie. Arrogant and cynical at times. Hates angst and people being sad just for attention. On that note, also dislikes obvious attention whores. Forgives but never forgets. Ambitious. Pirates > Ninjas. Fan of hair dye and neon colors. Makes graphics for her fishbowl. One of the nicest people you'll ever meet who always puts others before herself. Oh, by the way? is the Simca (Air Gear) of Scribbld.

Memories6 entries
Interests:35: air gear, america's next top model, anime, apple pie, art, australian accents, being keeruh's mom, books, chalk art, code geass, commercials, d.gray-man, dancing, dane cook, death note, designer clothes, european history, french films, gaspard ulliel, gossip girl, hair dye, hannah montana, manga, music, one tree hill, photography, queer as folk, reading, redheads, smallville, supernatural, taylor swift, that 70s show, twilight, vintage
Schools:None listed
People10:aprill, cericeglow, eevee, heartbeat, jimmy, news, rubbish, system, whimsical, wishes
Communities15:10variations, 50bookchallenge, animeaddme, bitchbook, dear_you, fishbowl, flamecup, machete, savinme, scribbld_top5, sq, thrashground, trophaeum, ugly_icons, upload
Friend of:7: cericeglow, charmdi, eevee, heartbeat, rubbish, whimsical, wishes
Member of:16: 10variations, 50bookchallenge, animeaddme, bitchbook, dear_you, fishbowl, flamecup, iam, machete, savinme, scribbld_top5, sq, thrashground, trophaeum, ugly_icons, upload
Account type:Early Adopter

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