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User:whimsical (11305)
Location:Connecticut, United States
Wanda. 24. CT. College graduate. Graphic artist. Musician. Aries. Year of the rat. Loves to be around friends, but also loves quiet and solitude. Weird. Made of awesome and win. Can be blunt. Gamer. Loves food, especially sweets and chocolate. We will probably get along if you have good spelling and grammar (and I ENCOURAGE you to point out any spelling errors I make, if any. Typos are bound to happen, and it's all about learning), and are not depressive and/or see everything negatively. ...And don't dwell on things that happened a millennia ago. It's in the past. Get over it already. Click to be added, and while you're at it, check out my graphics, too~ X3

Alias: Haru, Ryou, Jailbait, Aqua Buddy, Wendys, Wibibble.
Personality: Quiet. Shy. Introverted. Intelligent. Calm. Secretive. Smiley. Creative. Patient. Once you get to know me: Happy. Optimistic. Realistic. Opinionated. Judgmental. Prideful. Funny. Random. Musical. Energetic. Hyper. Witty. Impatient. Nitpicky. Critical. Perfectionist. Easily bored.
Current Obsessions: iPod Classic, Fruits Basket, Spiral, Guitar Hero, pizza, caramel frappuccino, Psycho le Cému, m-flo, Freezepop, Mika
Credits: layout, fo banner, ygo art by ??.
iam the Hatsuharu Sohma of Scribbld!
I am thefangirlof Fruits Basket.
I am thefangirlof Hatsuharu Sohma x Isuzu Sohma.

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Interests:118: abingdon boys school, adam sandler, an cafe, angie aparo, anime, apple, aries, art, astrology, autumn, azumanga daioh, blink 182, bubbles, candy, cartoons, chocolate, coffee, comedy, comic party, comics, concerts, dane cook, dexter's laboratory, evan and jaron, eyes rutherford, fefe dobson, food, fraggle rock, freezepop, friends, fruits basket, gavin degraw, graphic design, gravitation, hatsuharu sohma, head phones president, heath ledger, hoobastank, howie day, hyde, iceman, icons, incubus, isuzu sohma, jason mraz, jim carrey, joe beleznay, john mayer, johnny bravo, kaoru hitachiin, kara's flowers, knuckles the echidna, kumagorou, l'arc~en~ciel, lily allen, lindt chocolates, m-flo, macintosh, malice mizer, malik ishtar, manga, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, michelle branch, michihiro kuroda, mika, mika nakashima, miyavi, music, nintendo, nittle grasper, no doubt, ok go, ouran host club, photography, pianists, pierrot, plus-tech squeeze box, pocky, powerpuff girls, psycho le cému, rain, ren & stimpy, rpg, ryuichi sakuma, sacred heart university, samurai champloo, savage garden, sega, shadow the hedgehog, snow, sonic the hedgehog, sonic x, sour patch kids, south park, spiral, starbucks coffee, sugarcult, sweets, t.m. revolution, team rocket, that 70's show, the fairly oddparents, the gazette, the pink spiders, the sims, tommy february6, tommy heavenly6, video games, winter, year of the rat, yuugiou, εїз, , ♈, , , 
People13:aerith, blueyeswhtdragn, chrno, curiousvenus, daimeryan_rei, eevee, foxxy, heartbeat, jimmy, nel, news, system, whimsical
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Account type:Early Adopter

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