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User:jade_priestess (13859)
Journal of the Jade Priestess
Friends Only
Name:♥Krystle Vincent♥
Website:My Youtube account
About Me
My name is Krystle Roxanne Vincent, I'm 22 years old, I like differant types of anime and manga, I'm into most sports exsept football (never could understand how fully grown men can almost kill eachother over a tiny little ball), I like reading, writing, and surfing the Internet.

Krystle is the #1060 most common female name.
0.007% of females in the US are named Krystle.
Around 8925 US females are named Krystle!
source namestatistics.com

My Japanese name is KaoruKasuga Chikanatsu.
Take The Original Japanese Name Generator by Shu today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

My Chineseifyed! is Lan Bien.
Take The Chinese Name Generator! Xong Wuen Ming-Zhi! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

My Gaiaonline Profile

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Banners and Claims

[info]iam the Rei Hino/Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon) of Scribbld
[info]iam the Zakuro Fujiwara/Mew Zakuro (Tokyo Mew Mew) of Scribbld
[info]iam the Lina Inverse (Slayers) of Scribbld

[info]iamthe Riku Harada of Scribbld
[info]iamthe Seras Victoria of Scribbld
[info]iamthe Rei Hino/Sailor Mars of Scribbld
[info]iamthe Lina Inverse of Scribbld
[info]iamthe Alice Cullen of Scribbld

My [info]_otp's are
Kurogane x Fai from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Sephiroth x Tifa Lockheart from FFVII
Xellos x Filia from Slayers

Prince Nuada [info]ismylove (Hellboy 2 the Golden Army)
Xellos [info]ismylove (Slayers)
Hiei [info]ismylove (Yuyu Hakusho)

I Am [info]thefangirlof Prince Nuada(Hellboy 2 the Golden Army)
I Am [info]thefangirlof Xellos (slayers anime/manga)

Poems, Quizzes, and other random crap

What do you do for fun?
[ ]practice with my swords and spears
[ ]tend to my garden
[ ]go shopping in the city and buy stuff
[x]go swimming
If you had a choice between saving your people or living in a dump, what would you do?Would you unleash a forest god onto an unsuspecting people just because you have issues?
[ ]of course, that bastard killed my friend!
[ ]well, I don't think that I have issues, so yes I would.
[ ]when you say it like that, it does sound a little...over dramatic.
Do you like blond guys with pointed ears?
[x] of course, they're the cutest!
[ ] I just adore blonds but pointed ears? Maybe but maybe not.
[ ]no way, blonds suck!
[ ]If the person is nice and sensible, then I don't care what they look like.
Do you love mankind?
[ ]of course I do, I'M HUMAN!!!
[x]sometimes, but we are a messed up race most of the time. no,
[ ]I wish I was an alien.
[ ]Who the fuck cares?

Result: You Win!!!
You have all the characteristics of someone who could love Nuada and save the human race, all at the same time! GOOD JOB!! YOU ROCK!!


My Website


I LOVE HANA YORI DANGO | Credits to Fearless123

Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi is Love

Vincent is love.

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
Interests:97: acting, advent children, aerith, alice cullen, anime, anime icons, anime music, arashi, art, axel, bella swan, best friends, blood+, breaking dawn, bubblegum crisis, buffy the vampire slayer, cardcaptor sakura, cats, chocolate, cloud strife, comics, computer games, cosplay, daisuke niwa, dance dance revolution, dancing, dark mousy, daydreaming, death note, dn angel, dragons, drawing, dreams, eclipse, edward cullen, eiri yuki, europe, evanesence, fai, fairys, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy 7, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, fire, friendship, full metal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, goddess, gold, gravitation, gundam wing, harada twins, harry potter, hellboy2 the golden army, hellsing, hiei, hiwatari satoshi, icecream, icons, internet, inuyasha, jet li, johnny depp, kairi, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, keiko yukimura, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kissing, kurama, larxene, lina, linkin park, love, loveless, magic knight rayearth, manga, marluxia, mars, miyazaki films, mokona, moon, movies, music, namine, nature, new moon, prince nuada, resident evil, slayers, slayers next, slayers try, twilight, xellos, zelas
Schools:None listed
People19:aprill, doodles, grape___fruit, harlock, jimmy, kiokushitaka, kirie, kuma, kuuran, lawton_anime, morgan, news, rei, sailor_moon, sandglass, sehnsucht, system, urgent, utena
Communities16:_otp, above, anime_contest, bitchbook, dear_you, flame_cup, flamecup, heavenlyquake, honor_cup, honorcup, iam, iamthe, ismylove, thefangirlof, twilighters, wish_list
Mutual Friends:8: doodles, grape___fruit, harlock, kuma, lawton_anime, sailor_moon, sehnsucht, utena
Also Friend of:1: pookie_hikari
Member of:16: _otp, above, anime_contest, bitchbook, dear_you, flame_cup, flamecup, heavenlyquake, honor_cup, honorcup, iam, iamthe, ismylove, thefangirlof, twilighters, wish_list
Account type:Early Free User

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