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Community Information

Below is information about the "...is my love!" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:ismylove (15632)
(no userpics)
Name:...is my love!
Website:Maintainers Journal
Really? Is that so? Then prove it and claim here!

oo1. Join the community and stay a member after you have claimed. You don't have to watch it, just be a member.
oo2. Post your claim(s) somewhere on your journal. A post, your user info, you can be as creative with it as you like. Just make sure I can, and others, can see it.
oo3. Please state what it is your claiming next to the claim itself, every time. You might know who or what something is from but that doesn't mean that some random name is going to make complete since to us and there are names that repeat throughout a lot of things. I.E. Mountain Dew is my love! (Beverage) or Sora is my love! (Kingdom Hearts) If you have any questions pertaining this please do not hesitate to contact the maintainer with said questions, she doesn't bite.
oo4. Feel free to be as creative as you want with who or what you claim. It doesn't have to just be a character or person, it can be a user or an object, a drink or an anime itself. Go wild~ :3
oo5. You may have up to three claims.
oo6. Keep it drama free. If someone got to something before you, too bad, this is first come first serve.
oo6. Make sure you put "No one loves you more" in the title of your entry as a statement that you read and understand these rules.
oo7. Most of all, just have fun. ♥


animanga series
Gravitation is [info]dosomethingsexy's love.

animanga characters
Eiri Uesugi/Yuki is [info]dosomethingsexy's love. (Gravitation)
Chii is [info]sex_pancake's love. (Chobits)
Sakura Kinomoto/Avalon is [info]millicent_angel's love. (Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)
Xellos is [info]jade_priestess's love. (Slayers)
Hiei is [info]jade_priestess's love. (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Light Yagami is [info]jade_priestess's love. (Death Note)
Sesshoumaru is [info]utena's love. (Inuyasha)
Kiryuu Touga is [info]utena's love. (Shoujo Kakumei Utena)
Fye D. Flourite is [info]doodles's love. (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles)
MARUFUJI RYOU is [info]eevee's love. (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
DARTZ is [info]eevee's love. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Night Tenjo is [info]illuminated's love. (Absolute Boyfriend)
Riiko Izawa is [info]resiliency's love. (Absolute Boyfriend)
Alucard is [info]intrega's love. (Hellsing)
Malik Ishtar is [info]spinningcannon's love. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Ryou Bakura is [info]spinningcannon's love. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Allen Walker is [info]heartofsteel's love. (D.Gray Man)
Alphonse Elric is [info]heartofsteel's love. (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Shinji is [info]heartofsteel's love. (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Kawai Shizuka is [info]wolf's love. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Kujaku Mai is [info]wolf's love. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Souen Ruka is [info]wolf's love. (Vampire Knight)
Jei/Farfarello is [info]virus's love. (Weiss Kreuz)
Seto Kaiba is [info]virus's love. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Fatal Frame is [info]skwigelf's love.
Final Fantasy X is [info]yuna's love.
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is [info]reunion's love.
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is [info]nise's love.
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is [info]kaoru's love.

game characters
Pyramid head is [info]sex_pancake's love. (Silent Hill)
Guy Cecil is [info]doodles's love. (Tales of the Abyss)
Cloud Strife is [info]doodles's love. (Final Fantasy VII)
Roxas is [info]illuminated's love. (Kingdom Hearts)
Namine is [info]resiliency's love. (Kingdom Hearts)
Rufus Shinra is [info]curiousvenus's love. (Final Fantasy VII)
Dante is [info]curiousvenus's love. (Devil May Cry)
Sparda is [info]eva_sparda's love. (Devil May Cry)
Larry Butz is [info]superherogirl's love. (Phoenix Wright)
Riku Replica is [info]nise's love. (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)
Zack Fair is [info]kaoru's love. (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)
Terry Bogard is [info]diaochan's love. (Fatal Fury)
Balthier is [info]diaochan's love. (Final Fantasy XII)
Chaos Zero is [info]spinningcannon's love. (Sonic Adventure)

written series
Black Jewels Trilogy is [info]winged's love.

written characters
Edward Cullen is [info]edward's love. (Twilight)
Lucivar Yaslana is [info]winged's love. (Black Jewels Trilogy)
Daemon Sadi is [info]winged's love. (Black Jewels Trilogy

His Infernal Majesty is [info]skwigelf's love.
Panic at the Disco is [info]_bden_'s love.
Eve 6 is [info]superherogirl's love.

band members
Shou is [info]zombeh's love. (Alice Nine)
Jeajoong is [info]viored's love. (Dong Bang Shin Ki)
Reita is [info]viored's love. (the GazettE)
Yumehito is [info]viored's love. (Ayabie)
Brendon Urie is [info]_bden_'s love. (Panic at the Disco)
Spencer Smith is [info]spencerjsmith's love. (Panic at the Disco)

Gaspard Ulliel is [info]edward's love.
David Tennant is [info]cake's love.

tv/movie/comic series
Torchwood is [info]dangerred's love.
Herbert West is [info]virus's love.

tv/movie/comic characers
Lenny is [info]millicent_angel's love. (Butterfly Effect)
Phoenix/Dark Phoenix is [info]utena's love. (X-Men)
Captain Jack Sparrow is [info]jacks_hurricane's love. (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Sweeney Todd (Benjamin Barker) is [info]jacks_hurricane's love. (Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street)
Captain Jack Harkness is [info]dangerred's love. (Torchwood)
Ianto Jones is [info]dangerred's love. (Torchwood)
Starscream is [info]starscream's love. (Transformers)
Legolas is [info]diaochan's love. (Lord of the Rings Trilogy)
Doctor Who is [info]cake's love. (Doctor Who)

[info]adamfaulkner is [info]lawrencegordon's love.
[info]gemheadedknight is [info]eevee's love.
[info]resiliency is [info]illuminated's love.
[info]illuminated is [info]resiliency's love.
[info]tidus is [info]yuna's love.
[info]nise is [info]reunion's love.
[info]reunion is [info]nise's love.

Mountain Dew is [info]dosomethingsexy's love. (Beverage)
Dr. Pepper is [info]sex_pancake's love. (Beverage)
Orange Soda is [info]millicent_angel's love. (Beverage)
Japan is [info]yuna's love. (Country)
Neil Gaiman is [info]curiousvenus's love. (author)
Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights is [info]skwigelf's love. (album)
yaoi is [info]superherogirl's love.
Honey Bunches of Oats is [info]reunion's love. (Cereal)

Maintainers:1: utena
Members:44: _bden_, cake, curiousvenus, dannys_csi_sin, diaochan, doodles, edward, eerie, eevee, eva_sparda, feuerfrei, flygirl_, go_for_fally, heartofsteel, hippocripes, illuminated, integra, jacks_hurricane, jade_priestess, jeffro, kazuya, lawrencegordon, mel, nise, notjustapuppet, oldmans_sin, resiliency, reunion, rinali, sex_pancake, slackkerr, slutorama, spencerjsmith, starscream, strip, superherogirl, unicorn, utena, viored, virus, wolf, yuna, zombeh
Watched by:17: _bden_, cake, eevee, eva_sparda, flygirl_, heartofsteel, integra, jade_priestess, kazuya, notjustapuppet, rinali, slutorama, superherogirl, unicorn, utena, viored, wolf
Account type:Early Free User

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