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User:spencerjsmith (17270)
Name:the sexiest girl with a beard
Website:bang the drum sloooowly
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

my claims:[info]iam the Spencer Smith(Panic at the disco) of Scribbld.
my otps:

Interests:13: anime, card captors, doujinshi, gundam wing, joncer, manga, panic at the disco, paradise kiss, ryden, spencer smith, weiss kreuz, yami no matsuei, yaoi
People4:_bden_, avada, hellokitty, spencerjsmith
Communities12:_otp, animeaddme, brendondisco, finalfantasy, iam, jondisco, photobuckets, ryandisco, spencerdisco, thedisco, usernames, yaminomatsuei
Friend of:4: _bden_, avada, hellokitty, spencerjsmith
Member of:16: _otp, addme, animeaddme, brendondisco, finalfantasy, fullsizeme, iam, ismylove, jondisco, photobuckets, ryandisco, spencerdisco, teamjonwalker, thedisco, usernames, yaminomatsuei
Account type:Early Free User

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