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User:slackkerr (22188)
this is how the world ends
not with a bang but a whimper
Name:did you wake me when I was dreaming?
Location:United Kingdom

well it's funny you should ask because i do think rod is gay.
i always have. but, you know; i figured if he wanted to tell me he would.
so, yes, definitely, i would say that my buddy rod is a closeted homosexual.
nicky! how could you say that about me?

[info]iam the Neku "Phones" Sakuraba/Nicky of Scribbld.
People18:amyrose, babylon, baralai, chack, eevee, gemheadedknight, himemiya, jackspicer, kiryuu, manderr, mei, mephiles, pendragon, rhyme, rubbish, slackkerr, spicer, yunalesca
Communities4:allieverwanted, animeaddme, iam, proxiedcomposer
Account type:Early Free User

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