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User:manderr (22560)
AOL IM:AIM status manderr rofl (Add Buddy, Send Message)
hi, my name is amanda.
but you can call me manderr.
i'm 17 years old.
i'm straight edge.
i'm a senior in high school.
i am an epileptic and proud.
i'm very proud to say i'm taken.
i'm a big music person.
i play 9 instruments.
i'm not a big sports person.
i support all new england teams however.
i'm a big homebody, but when i traval i like to camp.
i'm a major asshole to everybody.
i bust chops a lot.
you can say i'm a bad person, i can say you're an idiot.
i'm completely confused on my religion.
i'm in love with the best guy ever.
i'm a libertarian, get over it.
i'm sadly unemployed. help me out?
i'm absolutely awesome.
i live on the computer.
i'm the living legend AND i'm rad. :]

layout by [info]busystreet
Memories2 entries
Interests:84: 1984, aim, alto saxophone, band, baseball, bass guitar, big brother, bikes, blues brothers, books, boston bruins, boston celtics, cello, chicken, clarinet, cold, commercials, constantine, curt schilling, doublethink, email, facebook, fall, final fantasy, flip flops, food, football, french, gatorade, glasses, goldfish, greatestjournal, guitar, history, hot topic, hunter s. thompson, individualism, janitor, jason varitek, josh beckett, journaling, keanu reeves, library, life, limewire, love, marching band, music, myspace, napoleon boneparte, news, nirvana, outdoors, pacsun, patriots, phone, piano, piece of flair, pimping, providence bruins, reading, red sox, rubber duckies, scrubs, sean casey, skateboarding, sleep, spanish, sports, sprite, straight edge, summer, sunglasses, trombone, us history, vanilla coke, viola, violin, war of 1812, whoring, winamp, world history, your mother, zelda
Schools:None listed
People28:bella_virg0, blueisland, blueyeswhtdragn, bootyshorts, cityofevil, comrades, cryptozoology, donzilla, etudes, ginabites, hametsu, kazuya, keyblade, killmedead, manderr, memorably, moonrise, pance, rebmalee, sex_pancake, slackkerr, smoke, somebunni, soul, takemeaway, uhoh, walk, wanderlust
Communities8:100x100, addme, busystreet, crowded, discord, lovestruck, no_reason, request
Mutual Friends:24: bella_virg0, blueisland, blueyeswhtdragn, bootyshorts, cityofevil, cryptozoology, donzilla, etudes, ginabites, hametsu, kazuya, keyblade, killmedead, manderr, memorably, pance, rebmalee, sex_pancake, slackkerr, somebunni, takemeaway, uhoh, walk, wanderlust
Also Friend of:1: twisted
Member of:9: 100x100, addme, busystreet, crowded, discord, lovestruck, no_reason, request, thrashground
Account type:Early Free User

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