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User:sex_pancake (11871)
Name:Princess Gary <3
Website:My Emo Space. <3
Bio: Still working on it.

Interests:147: 4chan, advent children, angel sanctuary, anime, anime and manga, art, avatars, axel, baroque, battle royale, bisexual, bishounen, black, black and red, bleach, boys, boys in makeup, computers, cosplay, d & d, dangly, domo kun, doujin, doujinshi, drawing manga, dyed hair, ebay, elder scrolls, elite beat agents, elves, family guy, fanservice, final fantasy, final fantasy 7, final fantasy 8, fluffy, full metal alchemist, full moon wo sagashite, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, gameboy, games, girls kissing girls, goth, gothic lolita graphics, gravitation, greek mythology, green eyes, guys kissing guys, hair dye, hello kitty, hello kitty panties, hentai, hide, hide with spread beaver, hideto matsumoto, internet, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese, japanese culture, japanese fashion, japanese films, japanese food, japanese movies, japanese music, japanese punk fashion, japanese rock, jpop, jrock, kadaj, kogepan, l'arc en ciel, learning japanese, lesbian, loud music, love, makeup, malice mizer, mana, manga, memoirs of a geisha, miyavi, mizuno junko, moon child, moozak, morrowind, music, naruto, nerds, nobuo uematsu, oblivion, okami, omgwtf, p0rn, pantera, paradise kiss, peircings, phish food, phone, phone dangly, photography, photoshop, pink, pirates, plushies, pocky, red eyeshadow, reno, resident evil, rock, roleplay, rpg, rufus shinra, safety pins, sephiroth, sex, shinigami, shounen ai, skull jewelry, snow, sparkly, spread beaver, square-enix, strawberry pocky, sushi, tattoo, tattoos, tokyo, tommy febuary9, uematsu nobuo, vampires, vincent, vincent valentine, visual kei, warhammer, wibble, wikipedia, x japan, xbox, xbox 360, yaoi, yuna, yuri, zelda,
Schools:None listed
People34:aerith, artificialus, azure_skies, babylon, benediction, blueyeswhtdragn, codyfallsforth, corey_sheffield, cryptozoology, dai, dandi, dangerred, diaochan, franziska, ginabites, kadaj, keyblade, kiokushitaka, kisaragi, leonhart, loveless, luvotomy, manderr, mei, memorably, newantt, realhorrorshow, sehnsucht, shinimegami, snake, trilobite, yellowsubmarine, zellywellywoowo, zombeh
Communities11:badtattoos, flame_cup, flamecup, honorcup, madeofwin, post_secret, project365, rants, sextalk, tattoos, videogame_icons
Friend of:25: aerith, artificialus, babylon, benediction, blueyeswhtdragn, codyfallsforth, corey_sheffield, cryptozoology, dai, dandi, diaochan, ginabites, kadaj, keyblade, kisaragi, luvotomy, manderr, memorably, newantt, realhorrorshow, sehnsucht, shinimegami, yellowsubmarine, zellywellywoowo, zombeh
Member of:23: 10variations, addme, badtattoos, bitchbook, brutal, cocktail_hour, dear_you, finalfantasy, flame_cup, flamecup, gj_refugees, harsh, honorcup, ismylove, madeofwin, post_secret, project365, promo, rants, sextalk, tattoos, ugly_icons, videogame_icons
Account type:Early Adopter

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