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User:dai (17101)
Interests:44: art, black foot, cars, cho chang, cosplay, d'espairsray, deviantart.com, dir en grey, draco malfoy, driving, eclipse, edward cullen, elves, faeries, fantasy, final fantasy, hair, harry potter, heath ledger, jacob black, japanese rock, jay chou, johnny depp, kingdom hearts, l'arc en ciel, last order, lord of the rings, make up, myspace, new moon, oblivion dust, orlando bloom, pirates of the carribean, reading, roleplaying, shounen ai, siksika, the vampire armand, twilight, vampires, video games, visual kei, writing, yaoi
Schools:Gloucester County College - Sewell, NJ (2007 - present)
People7:aerith, dai, kuroitenshi, sex_pancake, with_quiet_love, yuna, zellywellywoowo
Friend of:4: aerith, dai, sex_pancake, zellywellywoowo
Member of:3: finalfantasy, kingdomhearts, thrashground
Account type:Early Free User

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