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User:with_quiet_love (7699)
Name:roma invicta♥

with quiet love

You have been so fortunate to stumble across the graphics journal of [info]kadaj. Here you will find plenty of icons of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese music artists and actors, along with video games (like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy) and more! I may even post some journal (and profile) layouts I've made.
CREDIT is basically the only request I have.

and don't claim my work to be your own. I mean, not that it's that great that you would but...you know, I took the time to make it, you should let me have credit for it.

as for altering, feel free. If I have an icon that maybe I only did some sharpening and contrast adjustment on, feel free to add text if you want. But show me! I'd love to see what you come up with.

how to credit
Now on all of these journal websites we use like Livejournal, insanejournal, scribbld, and so on, they not only have a place for you to type keywords for your icons but now we have a place to put in a comment of our own. Here's where you can give credit! Simply type something like '[info]with_quiet_love' if you're using the icon on scribbld, if you're using it on another site, you can type something like 'with_quiet_love@scribbld' and that's fine. :]
profile codes >> resources >> personal journal >> writing journal

Interests:17: battle royale, devil beside you, final fantasy, geisha, graphics, hana yori dango, harry potter, icons, jdoramas, jrock, kingdom hearts, korean dramas, kpop, layouts, profile layouts, roleplaying, troy
Schools:None listed
People2:kadaj, with_quiet_love
Friend of:4: dai, kadaj, with_quiet_love, zellywellywoowo
Account type:Early Adopter

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