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User:kadaj (7700)
AOL IM:AIM status fairyxmemory (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:

♥ H O N E Y ♥
spread your wings

[info]kadaj ♥ Also known as Miya. I'm twenty years old, from South Jersey and I attend the local community college, majoring in Arts and Sciences with aspirations to transfer to Temple University to major in pharmacology. I work in a supermarket called Acme, it sucks, I hate it. I'm there five days a week. On to better topics, I love Dir en grey. I love Die the most. He's a major inspiration in my life. Yes, I'm one of those Dir en grey kids who has loved them from way back when they looked like ladies, no I don't hate their newer stuff, no I don't care if you've only recently gotten into them since they made a name for themselves in the U.S. Yes I think they are better than other bands, but no, I'm not going to argue with you about it and I'm going to laugh at you if you call yourself by any one of their names. Yes, I try to look like Die sometimes. I've often cut and dyed my hair to match his. I've got what I call a "Die necklace" - remember that Chrome Hearts one he used to wear all the time? Like that. I do like other bands, more specifically, Kagerou, D'espairsRay, Oblivion Dust, Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi, Jay Chou, and so on. I love Jrock, I love visual kei, I love Jackie Chan movies, and Zhang ZiYi movies. I love faeries, elves, and vampires. I love The Vampire Armand, Blood and Gold, and a few other Anne Rice books. I love Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. I love Edwards Cullen and I love Jacob Black. I love Harry Potter. I love video games like Zelda and Final Fantasy but I think Kingdom Hearts is my favorite. I love reading and writing and roleplaying. I love taking pictures and drawing pictures. I could write a novel about myself and you still wouldn't know me.

AIM; fairyxmemory

Links; myspace | deviantart | livejournal | icon journal

My layout; Was seriously copied from a layout made by [info]viored. I've been out of html and coding layouts for a while and I'm not really sure what's what as of right now, so I used a lot of codes she wrote up herself, so I figure it's only fair to give her credit for the codes, no matter how much I changed it around myself. It was basically one of those things where you really really liked it but wanted it a little differently. [info]viored has an awesome graphics community called [info]thrashground. :]
Memories1 entry
Interests:44: art, black foot, cars, cho chang, cosplay, d'espairsray, deviantart.com, dir en grey, draco malfoy, driving, eclipse, edward cullen, elves, faeries, fantasy, final fantasy, hair, harry potter, heath ledger, jacob black, japanese rock, jay chou, johnny depp, kingdom hearts, l'arc en ciel, last order, lord of the rings, make up, myspace, new moon, oblivion dust, orlando bloom, pirates of the carribean, reading, roleplaying, shounen ai, siksika, the vampire armand, twilight, vampires, video games, visual kei, writing, yaoi
Schools:None listed
People12:aerith, kadaj, keyblade, kristenvaleria, kuroitenshi, leiko, lunareuphoria, memorably, sex_pancake, with_quiet_love, yuna, zellywellywoowo
Friend of:10: aerith, kadaj, keyblade, kristenvaleria, leiko, lunareuphoria, memorably, sex_pancake, with_quiet_love, zellywellywoowo
Member of:4: addme, conquered, inkpen, thrashground
Account type:Early Adopter

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