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Community Information

Below is information about the "Cocktail Hour" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:cocktail_hour (18324)
A Round on the House
And a Round and a Round
Name:Cocktail Hour
Theme:Alcoholic Beverage Cocktail Recipes.
Website:Cocktail Hour on Insane Journal

About Cocktail Hour:

This is a community for posting, requesting, and sharing drink recipies, recommendations, and asking questions about all things alcohol. Original recipies are the best, but learned recipies are okay too. Also, not all drinks have to be alcoholic. Feel free to post about virgin recipies too.
This is not a rating or graphic community. Everyone is free to join and free to post, as long as they are of age, and they stay on topic.


(0.0) Any member found to be in violation of these rules will have their post/comment with the violation deleted, be warned, be removed from the community, or be banned; depending on the severity of the offense. All punishment is at the discretion of the moderator.
(1.0) Use respect at all times, no exceptions. Trolling, flaming, and general immaturity are not acceptable at any time.
(2.0) Be of legal drinking age, wherever you are. Morally, this community is against underage drinking. Please keep that in mind.
(3.0) Please give the name of the drink you are posting and whether or not the drink is virgin in the Subject of your post. This will be easier to remember if you use out handy dandy recipe posting form (see "To Post a Recipe").
(4.0) Any pictures, or especially long text entries, please put behind a cut out of respect for your fellow members, especially those with dial-up.
(5.0) Have some fun! That's what we're here for.

As Moderator, I reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove these rules at any time without notification. However, this is the gist. If you follow these, you should be fine, and If I change them, I'll more than likely let the community know.

To Post a Recipe:

We encourage everyone to post their recipes. Original recipes are best, but learned recipes are more than okay, too. To make it easier on everyone, we ask that you use this form provided to post your recipes. This makes it easier for the moderators to archive the drink in our "Recipe Book".

New Here?:

Feel free to make a post introducing yourself! It would be nifty if you included your name, age, favourite drinks/recipes and what you're hoping to get from the community (whether or not it's just getting more recipies, or if you're just hoping to make friends). If you aren't good at coming up with that stuff on your own, that's okay too! Here's a handy survey for you.

Have fun!


To become affiliates with [info]cocktail_hour,
please comment here with the name of your community and your inquiry.

Promote Us:

Like our humble community enough to want us to grow? Give us a few promotions!

Put that code in your userinfo, an entry in your journal, or post it in the promotion community of your choice. All promotions will be greatly appreciated. ♥


Layout and icon by [info]bohemia graphics.
Picture for default icon taken from getty images.
Interests:20: alcohol, brandy, cocktail hour, cocktails, drinking, five o'clock somewhere, gin, kahlua, mixers, mixing drinks, port, pretention, recipies, rum, shots, tequilla, vodka, whiskey, wine, yummy
Maintainers:1: cryptozoology
Members:28: _____, atma, bitch, bitten, coupe, cryptozoology, cutiefreak, dandi, devours, forthwritten, frontpunch, fuel, im_sirius, incandescente, kickawesome, morgue, osteological, pandolfo, perfidious, pocahontas, riotnine, roniah, serotonin, sex_pancake, siriuslysnape, vodkahh, wished, yellowsubmarine
Watched by:18: _____, atma, bitten, coupe, cryptozoology, cutiefreak, dandi, devours, forthwritten, frontpunch, fuel, im_sirius, kickawesome, osteological, pandolfo, roniah, siriuslysnape, vodkahh
Account type:Early Free User

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