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User:osteological (9775)

About Me

Where to start, where to start. I'm 20, an avid roleplayer with aspirations toward either Medical School Bioarchaeology or Forensic Anthropology. I'm currently enrolled as an Undergraduate student with an Anthropology Major and a Biological Sciences Minor. No, I am not over five feet. No, it doesn't really bother me anymore. Yes, I spend copious amounts of money on undergarments. Why? Why not?

BPAL Scents I'm in love with


Character list is here! It's not all of them, but the ones who are the most active.


Memories2 entries
Interests:134: anthropology, archaeology, art history, baking, biological science, biting, black lace, black phoenix alchemy lab, blood, body modification, bondage, boys with piercings, bpal, brotherhood 2.0, canadian spelling, coconut rum, collars, computers, cookies, cooking, cowboy bebop, criminology, dancing, dexter, diabetic cats, donating blood, dresden dolls, duct tape, eyeliner, fangs, farfarello, fetish, fire, fishnet, forensic anthropology, friendly hostility, fringe science, fuzzy teddy bears, genetics, gingersnap cookies, giving massages, glasses, glittery things, gloves, gnocchi, goth, greek art, greek history, harry potter, hellsing, heroes, hiv awareness, human sexuality, ice, industrial, intelligence, jhonen vasquez, joel plaskett, john green, johnny the homicidal maniac, juvenile osteology, k's choice, kitties, knives, lace up boots, latin, laughing, little kids, looking for alaska, makeup, marilyn manson, meaningful conversations, medicine, michael ondaatje, movies, music, necks, night, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, orgy, osteology, our lady peace, paleopathology, pcr, piercings, pins, poetry, pretty boys, pro-gay marriage, psychology, queen, rain, reading, red lace, roleplay, roleplaying, rps, rye, sarcasm, scissors, screaming, sephora, sex pistols, shiny things, sleeping, slurpees, social disortion, spikes, squeaky mallets of justice, squee, stars, stickers, studs, surrealism, sushi, tattoos, tea, the dark, the mountain goats, the simpsons, trigun, unique looking people, valesco, violin, vocalists that don't suck, vodka, volunteering, weiƟ kreuz, whisky, whyte ave, wii fit, writing, yaoi
Schools:None listed
People21:amoeba, awesomecakes, batshitrix, cristina_lacosa, crocketed, danggunsarang, destinedtofly, hitler, holocron, im_sirius, kickawesome, mikipinku, milkyway, monkeypotatoes, nargle, osteological, randomshoes, rubytuesday, snwpnitsirk, soironic, tweaked
Communities2:cocktail_hour, hotdamn_icons
Friend of:19: amoeba, awesomecakes, awkwardturtle, batshitrix, cristina_lacosa, crocketed, danggunsarang, destinedtofly, hitler, holocron, im_sirius, kickawesome, mikipinku, milkyway, monkeypotatoes, osteological, snwpnitsirk, soironic, tweaked
Member of:2: cocktail_hour, hotdamn_icons
Account type:Early Adopter

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