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User:rubytuesday (11009)
Looking at the world
from the bottom of a well
Bio:Hi, I'm Kate. I'm 26 and I teach 11th grade English. I've been in Potter fandom since about 2003, and RPing since '99. My primary CDJ is ~starsgoblue on insanejournal, but I do use this one for commenting and keeping up with people here.

Current Games:
Vox Politik (here on scribbld)
-Ted Tonks

Euphoria Lane (on insanejournal)
-Seamus Finnigan
-Roger Davies
Schools:None listed
People25:agincourt, awesomecakes, batshitrix, blunderland, calamari, chopin, coeur_delanuit, comrade, connie, cristina_lacosa, fairylights, freud, headgirl, khushalecki, kickawesome, megaria, mikipinku, news, onethingreal, peacocks, swansong, system, tweaked, valesco_mods, wilde
Mutual Friends:17: agincourt, batshitrix, blunderland, calamari, chopin, coeur_delanuit, connie, freud, headgirl, kickawesome, megaria, mikipinku, onethingreal, peacocks, swansong, tweaked, wilde
Also Friend of:6: amoeba, crocketed, im_sirius, milkyway, osteological, snwpnitsirk
Member of:1: ballyknock
Account type:Early Adopter

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