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User:agincourt (8654)
you don't have to be weird to be wrangled
but I'm totally wired, totally wired
Name:harry lime
Website:others et. al.
NC: Your reaction is becoming very defensive, Mark.
MES: You're a failed psychiatrist.
NC: I've analyzed you, alright---defensive paranoid with delusions of grandeur.

I'm Stella.
Interests:4: burning off impurities, caffeine blues, paranoids w/delusions of grandeur, very dark coffee
People30:agincourt, asea, blunderland, boomer, calamari, chopin, comrade, connie, drielle, fairylights, freud, greenlander, headgirl, heroics, khushalecki, lolo, ludivine, neithernor, nucular, onethingreal, panda, puffed, rainbowling, retrospect, rubytuesday, sira_ne_biber, starbuck, tara_fleur, theblev, wilde
Account type:Early Adopter

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