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User:neithernor (8649)
To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.
i just want to dance in your tangles
Interests:38: being a junior twice, brenda is my hero, brenda's back!!!, color me badd., don't care about claire, don't-care about-rose-queen-or-whatever, donna is really stupid, donna martin graduates, dylan and brenda forever!, emily valentine, fashion shows gone bad, get a job dylan, god i hate kelly-taylor, grosse pointe, high schoolers with wrinkles, hunter fallow, iris mckay, jeremy jordan all right!, jim walshian double standards, kelly taylor before psych101, matt doesn't exist okay, neither does noah, not david silver's music, possibly 90210: tng, pronounce it right andrea, really bad television, recycled plotlines, shut up brandon walsh, steve is okay, the bel age hotel, the hartley house, the peach pit, tolerance through electric sliding, tori spelling's self-esteem issues, u4ea, valerie malone-kapowski, west beverly not beverly, when scott shoots himself
Schools:Waldorf School of Garden City - Garden City, NY
People20:agincourt, chopin, comrade, drielle, fairylights, freud, greenlander, headgirl, heroics, inguna, ludivine, neville, news, onethingreal, peacocks, puffed, retrospect, starbuck, swansong, wilde
Friend of:17: agincourt, chopin, drielle, fairylights, freud, greenlander, headgirl, heroics, inguna, ludivine, neville, onethingreal, peacocks, retrospect, starbuck, swansong, wilde
Member of:1: ballyknock
Account type:Special Early Donator Account

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