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User:greenlander (8670)
Tourist brochure
Name:xgau's still kicking
[info]agincourt (8:59:30 PM): A tummy flash?!
[info]greenlander (8:59:47 PM): Ahaha, yes.
[info]agincourt (8:59:54 PM): Goddamn.
[info]greenlander (9:00:07 PM): He's just sauntering along and he lifts up the bottom of his shirt to wipe his mouth.
[info]agincourt (9:00:27 PM): That's kind of gross.

Interests:2: being bored. no, not really
People16:agincourt, blunderland, caesar, chopin, connie, drielle, fairylights, freud, headgirl, heroics, ludivine, neithernor, onethingreal, retrospect, starbuck, wilde
Account type:Special Early Donator Account

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