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User:boomer (8750)
i'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me
character development and overall awesome journal by jamie
Name:jamie in the sky with diamonds
Website:gj cdj
Location:Wisconsin, United States
AOL IM:AIM status mmm jamietastic (Add Buddy, Send Message)

OMGHAI! You've somehow stumbled upon my own personal CDJ. This journal is dedicated to my wonderful world of RPing that I've gotten myself wrapped up in. Got a problem with that? I didn't think so, but I figured I should ask.

Name: Jamie
Age: Twenty
Time Zone: CST
Contact: email: jamie.marlene@gmail.com / aim: mmm jamietastic
Experience: In general, I've been RPing since summer of 2001. I started out on message boards, not really having a set fandom for a while until I fell securely into Harry Potter. In the fall of 2006, I moved over to LJ and in November of the same year I made the permanent switch to GJ. I have played a vast array of characters in trio and MWPP era of both genders and any house. I'm also slowly easing into the whole scary idea of non-HP games. I have practically memorized the HP Lexicon and I know more little tidbits than anyone should. I am one of the co-founders of Mad World and co-moderator at Euphoria Lane.
Specialty: For a long time I've been very exclusive to Harry Potter. Within that realm, I have most of my experience in Marauder era games, but in March of 2007 I just started playing trio and am really glad I started. Characterwise, I have played Frank Longbottom the most and I absolutely adore him. I also play James Potter a lot and he's among the top three that I like to play. Otherwise, I have a habit to stick to smaller characters of the female persuasion, if only because I'm just most comfortable playing them.
Where else can you find me?: 0h_boy at GJ; jammer @ IJ; jamiemarlene @ LJ

{ wear }

- Active & Future Characters
- Complete Character List
- Fic Archive (25 Flavours)
- My Icon Community

I do not own Harry Potter or any of the celebrities I use to portray the different characters I play. No money is being made off of this, but I really wish that I was making money because how sweet would that be? The different icons I have uploaded I found in a variety of places and proper credit is given in the icon information, unless I did not know who to credit. If I incorrectly or didn't credit due to lack of credit from who I got it from, please let me know in a comment or PM and I will quickly rectify that.

From THE GREAT GJ RPG AWARDS OF 2007 by kikithepirate @ GJ.
Thank you so much if you voted for me - or Kate and me or for EL as a whole! It's very flattering! :)

Interests:92: allergy woe, annoying my mother, art, awesome rp chats, being a goober, being cooler than you, being from the midwest, being funny with em, being megslexual, butterflies, c&ping chats, cdj what, chocolate, copying em's amazingness, cuddling with dawn, dancing around to acdc, dancing like a goober, driving aimlessly, emailing dawn, firefly!, flowers, getting drunk dials, godmodding jesus, grilled cheese sandwiches, handwriting analysis, harry potter, hating on fox, hating on lex, helping em grocery shop, hogwarts, hufflepuff, intense song analysis, jewness, jewsday night fever, karaoke, knowing characters crazy well, knowing random facts, laughing at myself, lots of dawn stuff, loving alya, marriage to dawn, maybe slytherin, mechanical pencils, meebo, memories 1975, mullet rock, my awesome cousin, my body pillow, my deviantart, not being a werewolf, not being dead, not having nosebleeds, not playing chess, not spending money, not working, one liner entries, point beer, posting aim conversations, pretending to do cartwheels, ravenclaw, real photography, reavers eating em, researching dialects, rpgs, rping, rudy the coolest ever, running over wolfie, saying what after everything, sex with dawn, shakespeare connoisseur, shipping with liz, singing karaoke, singing loud to itunes, sleeping in until noon, smiling a lot, sometimes gryffindor, stained glass windows, sushi, taking sky from em, talking on the phone, team jew, the color green, trivia weekend, typing in all caps, underage drinking, using big words, watching firefly with em, wearing flipflops in january, wearing pajamas, whit is so love/hate, writing, zombies
Schools:None listed
People20:agincourt, bollywood, boomer, cassiejay, castroportfolio, coeur_delanuit, comrade, headgirl, lolo, ludivine, mabelleoblivion, megaria, nucular, onethingreal, panda, retrospect, sira_ne_biber, starboard, starbuck, wilde
Friend of:27: agincourt, asea, bollywood, boomer, cassiejay, castroportfolio, coeur_delanuit, drielle, fairylights, headgirl, horcrux, kooeykooeykooey, lolo, ludivine, mabelleoblivion, megaria, mightydrea, nucular, onethingreal, panda, retrospect, sabrinanymph, sira_ne_biber, starboard, starbuck, tiersen, wilde
Account type:Special Early Donator Account

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