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User:sabrinanymph (18836)
Just Sabrina.
Primarily a Reading & Commenting Journal
Basics.A librarian, an ailurophile, and a midwest girl living on the Pacific Coast. I love London & Seattle. I love to write and I love design. I make PB Icons and Fandom icons.
RPGs.Currently, I play characters in Euphoria Lane, Mad World, and Blurred Lines.
Journals.You can find me on LiveJournal, JournalFen, and InsaneJournal. This journal is a back-up for my LiveJournal, as well as serving as a character development journal for my RPGs.
Credits.My Layout was designed by myself. Icons are made by me or credited in the comments. Rose Mood Theme is from crackified. Profile photo from this site.

"I count the cars out on the highway; I think about you now and then; the stars are out and no one knows me 'til I'm home again. The sun breaks across the water, a warm reminder on the wind. The days are sweet but what I want is to be home again. And I'm home again. And let the stars keep shining but I'll never look back. The map is tearing at the corners; I can't remember where I've been, the world unfolding while the highway takes me home again. And I'm home again."
London Big Ben

Schools:None listed
People17:boomer, kooeykooeykooey, lolo, mabelleoblivion, megaria, mightydrea, ministry, news, onethingreal, peacocks, puffed, rainbowling, sabrinanymph, sira_ne_biber, starbuck, system, wilde
Friend of:4: lolo, mabelleoblivion, rainbowling, sabrinanymph
Account type:Early Free User

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